How to engage kids with Current Affairs

How to engage kids with Current Affairs?


Current Affairs

Today’s world is totally different than the world we lived in. There has been a drastic change in thinking of today’s generation from the way we used to think. That’s what we call, the generation gap. So, the kids these days are more curious and we as a parent should provide them a platform to learn current things happening around us. Whatever happens in one corner of the globe, definitely affects the other corner. So, it is important for everyone to know more and more about what happens around the world.

Why do we need to make our kids aware about current events?

Before knowing how to make kids aware about current events, we must understand why there is need to make them aware about it? Children become more resilient by having knowledge about the current affairs. They should be aware of global issues. They get prepared for the future by knowing what’s happening around them and how it affects them. What our kids think, will definitely have impact on our society and the world as they are going to be global citizens in future. Today’s kids need to understand politics, the world’s economy, social structures, and environment in order to learn how to live their own lives after high school and beyond.

How to introduce news to kids?

News has always been the best source to learn about the global current affairs. You can easily get access to news through daily newspaper, television, internet, radio, etc.

Make a habit of reading newspaper everyday with your kid. This is enough for a basic knowledge of what’s happening around the world. Now a days, we also have children’s newspaper in India which considers the age appropriate news. These newspapers are designed to present age appropriate and relevant content in engaging way. Subscribe to such children’s newspaper so that your kid can enjoy newspaper reading time with you. They also have separate space for games, puzzles, stories for children from playschools to high schools.

TV news channels are great source of news. Channels like National geography, Discovery show documentaries on affairs of the world, which are easily likable by kids. They are very informative and creates interest in children. Sometimes the news on television can be upsetting for your kid. We must monitor what our child has absorbed from the news and must talk to them about what they have seen on television. Never keep the television on in the background if you have kids in the house. Sit down and watch together.

Today’s generation kids are more internet and technology savvy than their parents. Internet is one of the fastest source of the current events happening in the world. Kids these days can easily navigate through World Wide Web. We as a parent should monitor and keep an eye on what our kids are surfing through and what kind of information is appropriate for them. Even though kids have access to lot of contents, they only read and watch what is convenient and entertaining to them.

When to introduce news to children?

Preschool kids don’t need to see or hear news at all. So, wait until your child is seven years old. Kids under seven have trouble understanding what’s real and what’s fake, what’s possible and what’s not, what’s near and what’s far. They might get confused by the facts with the fantasies or fear they already have. Once they turn 8, they are ready to have discussion on the news. Consider your child’s maturity and be sure to keep them away from news channels if they are showing repetitive images and dangerous stories. No matter how old your kid is, threatening news can affect them emotionally. Try to stay calm and rational when you see threatening news. Your kid will look to the way you handle the news and determine their own approach. After the age of eight when they start watching or reading the news, be available for their questions and conversations. Ask them what do they know and correct the facts if at all required. Teenagers these days have their own social networks. So, talk to them and discuss about the current affairs to know what they have exactly learned from their social networks. Let them express themselves.

We can inculcate interest for current events in kids by making some simple adjustments in daily routine like:

  • Play quiz on dinner table about latest news.
  • Cutout news article and put it on fridge for kids to read.
  • Play news on radio while cooking or driving.
  • Fun activity of making news scrapbook with kids.
  • Motivate children to follow news YouTube channel.
  • Travel to historical places with your kids and create interest in news about that place.
  • Make your kids participate in current affairs competitions.

Children are naturally curious, but every child is different. Discussing the current affairs with kids will help them share their feeling and thoughts. It also encourages them to develop empathy with others.

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