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Nowadays, most residential and industrial places are now using LED light panels instead of bulbs and tube lights. These panels are not only famous for their design, but also it increases the efficiency of light. It saves more energy than a normal bulb.

LED panels are commonly white acrylic or other mild diffusing plastic that can be used as backlighting advertising and marketing posters or signage. They’re now normally used for interior decoration lighting purposes. The LED era has been widely used for pretty some time now, but panel lighting fixtures that use the generation are fairly new to the market and are gaining ground because of the smooth look, and innovative functions and design.

LED light panels come under different shapes. For instance, the square and round LED panel light is quite common in both home and commercial areas. Moreover, one can also find different sizes.  The way the LED lights are embedded inside the panel gives numerous styles and sizes to LED light panels.


LED panel lights are built in such a way that, they gives better illumination conditions.  LED panel lights have a light-weight aluminum body which contains 3 layers. This frame is most important thing to prevent leakage of light. The layers include LED chips, a light guide plate and a diffuser. The diffuser is generally located right side of the light guide plate; its feature is to distribute light across the surface. It contains a reflector plate also in right at the back of the LED guide plate.  LED panel lights also provide a heat sink system to ensure safety.

Advantages of LED Panel Lights:

Light Adjustment:

The mild colour of LED panel lights can be adjusted for our needs. It presents eye-friendly soft light that can defend eyesight without a radiation and glare or unpleasant light. Here all colors are in a moderate form accordingly humans can look directly at the light without dazzling.

Ultra Slim, good heat dissipation:

LED panel light is amazing thin, looks simple but stylish. Here its side-lighting layout and aluminum frame guarantee accurate heat dissipation. Also being equipped with a heat sink system, LED panel lights provide a high level of safety.

Best Light Quality:

Here guide plate and diffuser work together to create similarly distributed, wide and good lighting.

Long life:

LED concept existence is up to 100000 hours, calculating as eight hours a day, its theoretical life could be 27 years. And theoretical existence of the LED panel lighting even greater than 10 million hours.


LED light panel is created with high hardness resin instead of tungsten wire glass, they are not damaged quickly. Therefore the vibration pressure is comparatively excessive. Besides, it has right temperature flexibility.

Applications of LED

  • Restaurants
  • Backlighting
  • Backlit Graphics
  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows
  • Illuminated Floors

There are four varieties of standard installation in LED panels, recessed, suspended, established, and build-in. LED panels may be mounted to the walls or hanged on the roof or mounted at the surface of other gadgets thus making it suitable for a multiplicity of applications: home, offices, hospitals, schools, lodge lobbies, restaurants, shopping malls, retail stores, supermarkets, and other professional locales.

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