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Most awaited 2019 February video game releases!


The list of Most awaited 2019 February video game releases!

The soon coming of February is going to be insane. The reason for the foretold insanity is the sheer amount of AAA titles to be released during the 28-day period.  2019 still holds many mysteries up ahead, however, what we already know is this: the upcoming games are AAA titles. The upcoming games are sweet, rad, and insanely hyped. There are tons of them, the most awaited 2019 February video games list for you to glance at!


Anthem by BioWare is the first in our awaited 2019 February video games list, and it promises to be legendary, and at least for now, we strongly believe that is the case. This third-person shooter craftily combines action and RPG elements and presents a vast open-world setting to explore. Anthem is a multiplayer versus environment focused game, and the time for its release is right down the corner.

Far Cry

New Dawn by Ubisoft is another highly anticipated piece in our awaited 2019 February video games list. The video game follows the events of Far Cry 5, and if you’d loved the previous game, this one promises to be even more spectacular! 17 years have passed since the apocalypse, and the Hope country has changed, prepare for some familiar faces, as well as a whole new type of evil!


Exodus by 4A Games is yet another spectacular release that as well stands strong in our most awaited 2019 February video games list. If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic adventures, you are sure to know Metro. Its predecessor games had an outstanding storyline as well as precise mechanics, though the levels were quite linear. However, that’s not the case with the upcoming Metro: Exodus, as more than anything this time the game focuses on its open-world feel as well!


For the hardcore city building simulation fans, our most awaited 2019 February video games list offers Anno 1800. This upcoming release is going to blast you a couple of centuries back! After experimenting with a futuristic setting in Anno 2070 and 2205, the developers from Blue Byte have decided to go back the memory lane with this one, and oh boy will you love the result of a sandbox, campaign, and of course multiplayer mode!

 Other Releases

While in our humble opinion, these four are the most significant and awaited 2019 February video games releases, there’s certainly plenty of other worth mentions that for some players will be a top buy without a doubt. Trials Rising, DiRT Rally 2.0, Jump Force, Crackdown 3, and Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown are also serious contestants in the upcoming race for fans attention! Gaming Blogs will help you to know about other releases.

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