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A fatal accident has shattered the dreams of Bradley Dreyer. The accident has resulted in severe brain injury. Badly wanted to become an ER nurse and study the necessary course to fulfill the criteria. He was hit by an uninsured motorcyclist who crossed the double yellow line. He would have turned 21, after 10 days from the date of the accident which took place last year.

Bradley’s parents, along with insurer State Farm, were able to pay out $100,000 of uninsured motorist coverage from the auto insurance policy. The remaining $1million is covered using umbrella policy. However, given the condition of Bradley, their parents wished they could have insured for a higher amount. Mary Kate Dreyer, mother of Bradley wished they could have invested a good amount of money towards insurance. It has become important for them to protect the estate for future needs. Bradley is entitled for lifetime care.

There are many bees available through which one can easily cut down the total number of premiums paid for a policy. Axing down collision insurance, rising deductible amount, consolidating policy with another insurer and demanding special discounts are a few of the ways through which one can reduce the total number of premiums for a policy. However, there is a possibility that you will pay more money towards protection from uninsured drivers. Things like Auto Insurance, financing and content are specialised and need more depth than traditional e commerce knowledge. we help you to save all the information in our shipping and receiving data entry process.

Provided below are the 7 most important reasons to change insurance policy.

1. Raising deductibles

Rising deductibles is the easiest way to reduce the premium. One can increase comprehensive and collision deductible for an automotive. For example, if the damage costs are $700 and the deductible amount is $500, it would be difficult to claim for an accident. Claiming under this procedure will only increase the rates. Hence, an increase in deductible to $1000 makes it possible for an individual to apply for a claim. According to Mark McConnell, claims officers at ACE private risk services, urges insurers to opt for individual coverage policy that will, in the end, become cheaper than a comprehensive deductible.

2. Uninsured motorist coverage policy

This motorist coverage policy will protect the victim and his family members. Protection is provided when the victim is involved in an accident cost due to negligence of a driver. The Insurance Research Council has stated that around 16% of the driver population is uninsured. Alabama, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Florida have the highest number of uninsured drivers. In California, an insured driver has a minimum coverage policy of $15,000 for injuries and $30,000 for accidents.

Diane Giles, vice president at Marsh states that uninsured motorist protection is not a mandatory protection policy in many states. It is possible for an individual to possess a policy without uninsured motorist coverage. This is only applicable when they have shopped on price. The amount of uninsured coverage policy should match the auto insurance policy liability limit. This is the maximum amount the insurer will pay to the opponent for an accident caused by you. $100,000 is the least amount for injuries and $300,000 is the least amount for accidents for such a policy. It is at this point that umbrella policy comes into picture to cover additional expenses. Few of the umbrella policies require the auto policy to have a maximum coverage policy of $500,000 for an accident.

3. Increase in umbrella policy

It is a good option to choose a big umbrella policy. This is very useful to cover liability for home and auto provided there are assets available for protection. $2 million is becoming a realistic value in the current scenario. When there is an increase in the assets, there is a possibility that an individual can increase the value in an umbrella coverage policy. 14% of injuries have resulted in liability exceeding $1 million. Hence, it is a good option to select for a greater amount. The amount can be increased if there are any teenage drivers in the family.

However, many insurance providers are not offering the old umbrella policies. For those who wish to opt for such a policy should be an additional amount for a single year. The amount will be calculated according to the amount that is being opted for coverage. It is also a good practice to approach the insurer who has already supplied you the auto insurance policy. It is also good to carry out comparison by collecting quotations from different carriers.

4. Discounts

It is possible to look out for discounts for a policy. People with a good driving record are often eligible for discounts for an auto policy. However, discounts are also dependent on other factors such as age, completing driving course and sex. It is also possible to ask for discounts from the insurer. Workplace discount is also applicable which will reduce the premium policy. Student discounts are also available provided that the teenage driver has a good driving record.

5. Purchase of a vehicle

Teenage drivers should not possess a car of his own. Parents can add their children to the already existing auto insurance policy. This will also reduce the total amount of investment necessary for the coverage policy. However, the average annual premium reaches 58% without a teenage driver being added to the policy.

There is a possibility that a family can reduce payment for a premium by adding clunkers to the teenage driver without opting for coalition insurance. You should be in a position to find an insurer who will charge in a similar fashion.

6. Limited tort insurance

It is always good to go for a full tort insurance policy. Limited tort insurance is made available at discounted prices in the State of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Under this insurance policy, even if the opponent is at fault, as a victim, you do not have the right to collect an amount for the damages caused in the accident.

7. Complete insurance

When the car age exceeds five years, it is a good point to drop the comprehensive and collision policies. Dropping the policies will also depend on the model, the manufacturer and the engine power of the vehicle. Dropping is preferable as insurers will make payment according to the depreciated value of the car when it is damaged or stolen. The amount that you will receive in this form would be less than the amount that you may require in restoring the vehicle to its original condition. The statement also becomes true when the cost of repair will increase and is more than the actual price.

Individuals who purchased a car using a vehicle loan can look for topping up the coverage policy. It is also applicable for those who often rent a car. For instance, insurers, such as MetLife offer a gap insurance policy. The gap is the amount calculated as the difference between the depreciated value and the total amount required to pay the remaining loan. This procedure automatically raises the collision cost by 7%.

You can also come across agreed value policies. An agreed amount is set by the insurer in accordance to your consent for each premium payment year. For instance, the policy helped the elder daughter of Giles in a promising way. The insurer completed the lease amount of the destroyed VW Jetta. She was also given a sum of $4,000. She utilized the same to open a new lease account. Through this way, one can cover the loan present on a vehicle that has become a victim in an accident. This procedure also gives complete control over premium payment to the insurer. These policies are offered by few insurance companies.

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