Smart Office Lockers For Modern Workplaces

Smart Office Lockers For Modern Workplaces


Smart Office Lockers

The concept of the modern workplace has been on the rise for quite some time and it will continue gaining popularity. Organizations today have realized that it is not just the customers that need to be satisfied but keeping their employees is equally important. How well a business does has a lot to do with the quality of the workforce behind it. This is precisely why modern workplaces strive to offer flexibility, a casual environment, a healthy work-life balance, and great company culture.

Additionally, there is a long list of perks that companies have started offering to their employees such as creche facility, work from home, healthy food, gymnasium, sleeping pods, etc. The list does not stop here and there is a lot more that can be done to make employees more loyal to their workplace and money is not the only factor. It could be simple things that make life easy or reduces stress like a self-service automated smart locker. Smart Corporate Lockers can add convenience to the lives of employees and they come with a fleet of benefits for the organizations. Outlined below are some of the benefits why organizations must invest in Smart Lockers for office staff:

1. Automates Delivery of Online Purchases

Since employees spend a major chunk of their days at their workplaces, they prefer completing their crucial and non-crucial personal tasks such as shopping for groceries or other things at work. With online shopping all this possible very easily but the problem arises when they have to constantly collect their parcels from the delivery people even when they are in the middle of something crucial.
Installing smart company lockers can solve this problem by automating deliveries of online purchases without needing the employees to leave work in the middle. Whenever a delivery person arrives with a parcel, s/he can enter the details of the person to which the parcel belongs and place it in the automated smart lockers. The software installed in the office locker will generate and send the details to access the lockers to the concerned employee’s mobile phone who can then collect their parcel whenever they are free.

2. Keeps Employee Belongings Safe & Secure

Whether you decide to install big or small lockers for your office, it will help your employees store their belongings safely without having to worry about anything. Sometimes it happens that a parcel arrives but the concerned employee is on leave due to an unforeseen situation or they are working out of the office and hence cannot collect the parcel. In this case, the delivery person can simply deliver the parcel in the smart locker instead of attempting to deliver the product again the next day.
Another use of smart lockers could be the storage of confidential and business-critical documents. Businesses have a lot of crucial documents that need secure storage space. Smart metal lockers for office spaces are sturdy and can only be accessed with password/biometric/OTP making them an intelligent solution for businesses.

3. Adds to the Positive Environment at Work

Organizations pay a lot of attention to the interiors of the office and make sure that all the facilities the workspace has to offer, contribute to creating a positive work environment. Smart corporate lockers can be installed anywhere and can be designed to match the interior and decor of office spaces. These white-labeled lockers can be customized according to the layout of offices so that they naturally become a part of the workspace and add to the positive environment.

4. Reduces Workload of the Mailroom Staff

One of the most important benefits a smart company locker can offer is that it reduces the workload of those working in the mailroom. Mailroom staff has to spend a lot of time collecting parcels on behalf of the employees and manually recording the details of the parcels and then reach out to employees personally to inform them about their deliveries. Since the entire process is manual, it is prone to errors and the risk of misplacing the parcels. Automating the mailroom function with smart lockers can eliminate the possibility of things going wrong and ensure that parcel related information reaches employees timely and systematically.

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