Some Unorthodox Ways To Arrange Funeral Expenses


Funeral-related expenses can prove a big burden for the loved ones, if not arranged properly. Many people don’t find it necessary to think about it. But death is inevitable and everyone has to depart one day. Final expense insurance is made to plan these expenses in advance. It can help insured protect the family from an additional financial burden. Other than the dedicated funeral plans, there are more ways to manage these expenses that many people don’t know about. In this article, we are going to talk about those ways only.

Whole Life Insurance

Providers are offering various plans to protect the insured and their loved ones in the most difficult stages of their lives. The offered plans are made to help the beneficiaries with a lump sum amount. This Amount is to take care of their financial liabilities. The loved ones can utilize the offered death benefits to pay the medical bills. They can pay off the pending financial debts too. Moreover, there is a fixed portion of the death benefit to arrange the funeral and the loved ones can implement the same.

Term Life Insurance

The offered plans are similar to whole life plans but provide the protection for a certain duration. Interested buyers can buy a plan for a duration from 10 to 30 years. The loved ones will receive a death benefit in case the insured passes away while the policy is active. The death benefit can be used to arrange the funeral and depends on the coverage amount of the plan. Also the insured can choose this amount as per their specific requirements and preferences. They can also get the help of online experts. These Experts can suggest the best final expense insurance considering the financial liabilities in the future.

Graded Policy

These plans are made for buyers with serious health issues and known for providing restricted benefits to the insured. Usually, the benefits are divided into three parts. If the insured passes away in the first year, the loved ones will receive 30 percent of the total coverage amount. In the second year, they receive 70 percent and from the third year, they are provided with the full coverage amount. These plans may not be the best one but come up as a good option for those who can’t get a plan otherwise.

Modified Policy

The above-mentioned plan is also made for very sick buyers. But is little different from the graded plans. Under these plans, they provide an accumulated amount in case the insured meets an accident. These plans come with 2 to 3 years waiting period that means the insured will cannot utilize the benefit before this period. Also if their health worsens during these years, the provider will refund their insurance premiums.

Guaranteed Issue

As the name says, these plans provide protection to the insured who can’t get an insurance plan due to their health issues. Under these plans, the insured don’t need to undergo any medical examination. The final expense life insurance quotes are provided by most of the insurers in the industry. These plans are offered at a little expensive premium than other plans but come up as a good option for people with critical health conditions.

How To Get Quotes?

To buy a cheaper plan, the interested buyers are suggested to shop around well. If you are planning to buy a plan, you are suggested to ask all the insurers around and get to know about the maximum number of plans. You can also ask your loved ones about the plans they are having to manage the funeral expenses in advance. Also, there are online portals where you can request a quote easily and the representatives from different companies will reach you to offer suitable plans. You can also get in touch with them to discuss the benefits in various plans and shortlist top five or six plans. Comparing those plans for benefits, you can buy a plan that best suits your specific requirements.


Dedicated final expense plans are popular to take care of funeral expenses in advance. Let’s get to know about the ways other than dedicated burial plans to manage those expenses efficiently.

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