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Tips to Start Your Own Miniature Garden


Miniature Garden

Often we come across a question why people like to create miniature gardens? It is not always because of constraint space, people pick up such a hobby. They like to enjoy the fact that the entire landscaping can be done in less than a day and provide them instant gratification. It is also true that miniature gardening requires very less space and no such formal knowledge. People from all age group can use their imagination and create their own fabulous dreamland within a pot.

Here are a few tips that might be effective to create a mini garden on your own:

Selecting the Container

Any vessel that can hold soil and have the provision to let out excess water will work. The best will obviously be the one that has a large open surface where you can fit in different garden features. Ceramic or terracotta pot, wooden boxes, wicker baskets and troughs are all good choices. Small containers are great for creating small gardens. They also make great gifts.

Deciding the Place to Garden

You will need a special place when establishing a garden. Location under the tree or near a bench will be good enough to showcase your tiny treasure if you want to create it in a portion of your ground. Always keep in mind the visitors must not miss seeing it. You can keep the miniature garden pieces on the table, at a corner of your room, on the window sill or in the balcony. However, make sure that the little garden is protected from heavy rains, direct sun and strong winds.

Potting Mix

You need to select the potting mixture that allows good drainage like perlite, peat moss and vermiculite. Stay away from soils that do not drain well. When you are using baskets, make several holes at the bottom. If the hole of your terracotta or ceramic pot is a bit too large place one or two coffee filters at the bottom so that the soil does not fall from there. In any container you will have to use a layer of gravel on the top of which you are going to use the potting mix to improve drainage.

Planning the Garden Layout

This is the most interesting part. You must have certain designs in mind. Before starting off, place all the features and plants that you want to include in your design on the top of the soil inside the container. This will give you a chance to experiment with the design and rectify your approaches. You can opportunity to explore your creativity and try different ideas.

Establishing the Design

Once you have decided the overall design, it is time to work on it. Plants with largest root masses should go first. Small creeping plants can be used as border plants. When you are done with planting, smoothen the soil surface and gently water the entire area with a sprinkler.

Lay the patios, paths and other hard features when the soil is moist. To anchor the garden ornaments you can use a small drill or dermal tool. Using the drill you can make a small hole at the base of the piece. Accommodate a gauge wire through the hole. Any stake can keep the pieces in place.

Avoid over watering your garden. You can enjoy the garden around the year or if it is seasonal replace them every year. contains expert opinions and tips for your SMB success. It provides information on topics of different categories including business, health, technology, science, shopping and many others related to small and medium businesses. For more details on the categories, visit

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