Types of Marble Flooring

Types of Marble Flooring in India


Types of Marble Flooring

Marble is a beautiful metamorphic rock which is made from the metamorphosis of calcite, dolomite and other minerals and impurities under the earth’s surface. These minerals and impurities form a marble’s colour and pattern. Therefore, there are wide varieties of marble available that differ in colours, patterns and textures.

Before purchasing luxury marble or any other use, it’s important to do some research on the types and prices of marble since every slab is unique and the cost is based on the same. Here’s a brief look.

1. Beige Marble

Beige marble has a unique beige colour and it comes with various types of patterns. A typical beige marble will exude a soft biscuit brown colour with dark brown or black patterns. They are highly used for wall backsplash and bathroom stalls but lately, they make a popular choice for flooring.

Price: Rs. 200- Rs.500 per sq.ft ( Approximately)

2. Brown Marble

Brown marble comes in various hues of earthy browns. From light brown with light textures to dark brown with deep and dark textures. There are different types of marble under the brown marble category. Brown marble for home flooring can do wonders for your interior.

Price: Rs. 300-500 per sq.ft( Approximately)

3. Grey Marble

Grey marble come in tones of icy grey to warm ones. They usually have white, silver, red or black patterns, these patterns are formed by various minerals from the soil of Earth. People often prefer grey marble for flooring and other areas like fireplaces, countertops and bathtubs.

Price: Rs. 300-500 per sq.ft( Approximately)

4. Black Marble

Black marble comes in shades of black but with veiny white or silver patterns, making them look like the night sky with a thunderstorm. Since black is a powerful and classy colour, many commercial places prefer black marble for flooring.

Price: Rs. 400-600 per sq.ft( Approximately)

5. Onyx Marble

Onyx marble comes in an array of colours. They vary in shades of pink, green, blue and so on. Apart from colours, each type of Onyx comes with a pattern which is unique to each slab. They are a top choice if you’re looking for an eccentric and colourful flooring.

Price: Rs. 600- 3000 per sq.ft( Approximately)

6. Travertine

A typical travertine marble slab has a smooth beige-ish brown colour but that may vary. You can also find travertine in gold and red colours. Some slabs have veiny patterns while some don’t have patterns but textures instead. They make a great option not just for flooring but also for wall decor, countertops and backdrops.

Price: Rs. 300-500 per sq.ft( Approximately)

7. White

White marble is perhaps the most popular marble. You can find white marble from a number of countries but the most sought-after white marble comes from Italy. White marble prices may vary based on the type, pattern, colour etc. They are used not just for flooring but for almost every space imaginable.

Price: Rs. 450-5000 per sq.ft( Approximately)


The industry standard price for each marble type has been mentioned above. Please note that the prices mentioned are for 18mm thick marble slabs. These can vary from one seller to another.

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