What Are The Different Types Of Fabric Materials?

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Types of fabric material:

There are unlimited garments available of various designs and in different fabric materials. Due to different fabric materials, the garment appears different looks. Many people wear dresses made of selective fabrics only. The feel and nature of each fabric are different.

Let’s discuss some of the fabrics: –

  1. Cotton fabric

This is one of the most common fabrics and liked by all. It is mostly used in summer and hot days. It is a natural fabric also. This fabric is smooth and skin friendly fabric. It is easily adjustable in all seasons and summer’s favorite. In summer it helps to feel cool and in winter it makes you feel warm. It’s also available in ladies fashion garment Amravati.

Cotton fabric is used to make different apparels and textile products like towels, undergarments, socks, bed-sheets, sarees, etc.

It is also mixed with other fabric materials to make fabrics like denim, cambric, rayon, and polyester.

China is the largest producer of cotton fabric and then comes India in the second position.

While United state is the largest exporter of cotton fabric.

  1. Silk

This is one of the costliest fabric materials. There are different textures in silk. Hard, smooth, soft, all based on the quality of fabric material. It is produced by silkworm larvae. A prism-like shape of silk fiber cells is a reason for a shining look of silk. So, The prism structure helps to refract incoming light which results in shiny colors.

Certainly the garments and sarees made from the silk fabric material are worn mostly on occasions, like a wedding, party, worshipping, etc.

Therefore , it is more selected for its gorgeous and luxurious looks. It is durable and strongest material. Being a bad conductor of electricity, it is prone to static cling. The silk garment keeps the body warm during winter.

It protects from biting insects. The silk garments are advised to put for dry wash as it tends to shrink when washed.

It is also used to make other fabrics like chiffon, crepe, and dupioni.

  1. Linen

It is made from fires of flax plant undergoing manufacturing process.  Kochi in India is the producer of Linen.

The fabric is strong and durable, but regular ironing for long period breaks the linen threads. It is good in absorbing moisture and water quickly.

Hence, It is used in making table-cloths, bed-sheets, wall-papers, dresses, skirts, shirts, and bath towels.

  1. Wool fabric

Sheep and goats from Kashmir are the sources to obtain wool. Wool is used to making a sweater and mostly wore in winter and cold days as it is excellent in keeping the body warm and wrinkle free also. It is resistant to dust, tear, and wear.

For its warm quality, it is used in making blankets and carpets.

India stands in 9th place in wool production.

  1. Leather material

It is produced from rawhide and skin of animals. Similarly different types of leathers can also be produced by using different tanning techniques. It is helpful in keeping the body warm in winter. Being soft and comfortable, it emits a classic and luxurious look and feels.

Besides clothes, leather is used for various other products such as shoes, hats, belts, bookbinding, vehicle seat covers, and furniture.

  1. Georgette fabric

Silk with twisted yarns is used to make georgette.

So it appears dull and lightweight. It is crepe surface fabric. Georgette makes feel comfortable to the utmost level. It is an affordable fabric material.

Due to its best fall and adhesive nature, it is most demanded in the fashion market and widely used for making blouses, saris, gowns, and trimmings.

The ladies garments shop in Amravati displays numerous designer collections made in georgette fabric.

  1. Chiffon

Originally chiffon was produced by silk, but nowadays, it is made mixing nylon and polyester fabric with silk. It can be a tint to any color. While Chiffon is lightweight and smoother than georgette. It is mostly used for gowns, ribbons, lingerie, blouse, and sari.

As chiffon is much popular among females, varieties of chiffon garments are found in women garments shop all over.

  1. Nylon fabric

It is a synthetic fabric made up of polymers. These polymers are extracted from petroleum. So it is very easy to manufacture nylon fabric. Nylon is a strong and durable fabric possessing stretchable and high elasticity properties. So It is unaffected by wear and tear.

As a result ,it is used for making a wallet, tire cord, luggage, and carpet.

  1. Jute

Jute is produced from the vegetable plant. It is produced in large quantity in India. It is an affordable natural fiber. Hence Jute is famous all around for its luster, softness, and strength.

Hence it is used for bags, traditional dress, ropes, and small sitting carpet.

The fashionable traditional dresses made of jute are occasionally vision at formal dresses shop for women.

  1. Polyester

Polyester is made by polymers. It is a synthetic fabric too. It is wrinkle free, soft and very strong. Polyester is used for garments, curtains, draperies, bedding, and cushioning. It has different varieties and colors.

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