Search Engine Optimisation

A layman guide to SEO


Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is one of such inbound marketing strategies that help recognize the customers’ needs, thus enabling the company to target them efficiently. The opportunity to target consumers who are most likely to purchase a new product or avail a new service online is considerably huge with SEO, which is why SEO is often termed as a valuable tool for any company, business or brand.

That being said, we all know that Rome was not built in a single night. Likewise, boosting your website traffic by a great amount doesn’t happen immediately. The entire process of optimizing your website for search engines takes time and effort as it involves building the rank for your website so that it can make its way to the top position in SERPs. Let us take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of SEO in detail so that you can better understand it.

Benefits of SEO:

à Investing in SEO can be effective in achieving long-term goals, which also means that this path allows you to maintain the results obtained over time, only by updating the methods and care of the web content, according to trends of SEO every moment.

à The SEO strategy is highly beneficial for content marketing and Inbound Marketing, as it helps position Blog posts on Google and other Web browsers, which opens up a wide range of possibilities, which include from the top positions of the SERP (search engine results page), social platforms and even the external link (backlink).

à All this is summarized in that SEO makes you gain authority and reliability within your sector, and sends clear and direct signals to the search engine, making you see as a quality and useful web page for the user, your potential client.

à Another point in favour of SEO is that if you don’t want to invest large amounts of money in it, you don’t do it, period! That is, you can do SEO yourself on your website, as long as you worry about acquiring knowledge about it, writing good web content and being at the forefront of updates in this field.

à Besides, doing SEO gives you control over the content that you upload to your blog and if you do a good job with keyword search, your organic traffic can improve by 25% by ranking a high volume search phrase or keyword.

à And if all this is not enough, it must be said that SEO gives your brand authority, because when uploading informative content you can make it appear on the web when someone requests something associated with your niche, and this does not happen with marketing campaigns like SEM PPC.

Drawbacks of SEO:

à If you are desperate, you want organic traffic urgently, and start selling now, SEO is not your escape route. Depending on the targeted keywords and the content, the organic results from SEO might take weeks and sometimes even months to manifest.

à If you are not knowledgeable in Google algorithms in some basic programming skills and the issue of link building, SEO of your website could be difficult to master.

à Although SEO is very good to achieve visibility in internet search engines, it is not the most ideal if what you need is to increase sales and point directly to the possible buyers, because SEO is less focused on the buyer, and considers more the user who is looking for impartial and objective information on some subject.

à When choosing SEO as a strategy, you should know that keyword competition is extremely high. For start-ups, the chosen keywords may be dominated by well-established and reputed companies. As such, it is very important for growing companies to re-consider the target keywords that have less competition.

à If you think irrelevant back linking is going to help your website in shooting up to the top spot in SERPs, those days are gone. Google algorithms keep getting day by day and as a result, today’s scenario demands that link building should go hand in hand with the content and its quality. Look out for websites with high Domain Authority (DA) to post your links for a quality link building.

à Regular quality content publishing can help you attract targeted organic reach. But it is not easy to create great content that ranks higher in search engines like Google or Bing. If your company doesn’t have the capital and resources, it can prove a challenge to develop strong content that can be published.

Final Thoughts:

Search Engine Optimisation is a very important tool for any company or brand to market their products or services. Because bombarding people with unnecessary advertisements can be unyielding, SEO being an inbound marketing tactic is truly a blessing for many businesses and companies.

When executed in the right manner, SEO can provide your website with a wider reach, significantly increase your leads and sales, apart from others. Best of all, with SEO being a cost-effective method, your website can have more traffic and more business with minimum expenditure which makes it all the more worthy and effective.

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