Ad targeting tips on LinkedIn

Ad targeting tips on LinkedIn


Ad targeting tips on LinkedIn

All ambitious people are on LinkedIn. If yours is a B2B work, you can leverage a major chunk of your advertising goal from LinkedIn. You can’t rely on one platform so you look for others as well but a big bite of the cake comes from LinkedIn.

If you are new to LinkedIn advertising, you may face some initial hiccups, eventually, you will vanquish everything on your way. LinkedIn Ads campaign setup is nothing new if you have tried your hand on other advertisement sources. However, targeting is unlike that. Depending on what kind of business you are in varies targeting. So, here are some awesome targeting tips that will help you in LinkedIn campaign Ad campaign managementLinkedIn campaign Ad campaign management.

Readout these points for effective targeting-

• Location targeting

This factor is uncommon for any social media platform. People mention their location in their profile or you can figure out with IP address. Often they live in big metropolitan but you can go deep in demography, that is the beauty of location targeting. Location targeting is beyond age and gender. If you ask a digital marketing agency about the difference in targeting level, you’ll find something to your surprise. Job seniority, level of experience, field, company size, etc. could make an addition to the list of targeting lists.

• Right approach

Your natural instinct will ask you to target the whole audience then filter out. Some will argue that narrow targeting is the right approach to pull an audience. Neither narrowing nor filtering out works because by targeting narrow you will miss out many. Wider targeting will also result in wasting time.

So what’s the right approach?

It would be wise to target by combining more than one category, for instance, executives with work experience of more than three years. This way you can pull the audience at the initial stage may be up to 50k, later you can try A/B testing to experiment and create an audience base. So, for a starter set two to three criteria to figure out something between wider and narrower targeting.

• Design your content as per targeting set

It is quite obvious that you will not target a mature person for a small workshop that is meant for freshers. The content must address the set of audience you have targeted. If you make it compelling, you will one more step ahead. Your customer must feel that their eyes are on the most relevant content of their life. Now, different strategies go for various content types, sponsored content has a different approach, message ads demand something else. You can search for the tips separately for that.

• Do your homework and improve

Improvement is a never-ending process, one needs to analyze and improve constantly to have unending success. Many times marketers skip this step and cry in vain. Spend some time on insights, analyze, and improve. Once you set the audience, check your performance on the dashboard, try to change some strategies, and repeat. Yes, this is quite a lot of homework but the only way to stand out in the crowd.

There are a lot more tips because learning never ends but for a while you can apply these tips.

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