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Content marketing is the strategy to make a user friendly content to target audience. Content marketing is the essential and most important element of online business strategy. Content is the only way to gather user attention that ultimately helps in increasing lead. In business terms it helps in expansion of customers base. Content helps in building more engagement. Content marketing helps in distributing valuable content among the audience in order for customer action.

How Is Content Marketing Done ?

Content is the information that we share and published in different forms such as InfoGraphic , videos or text. Content marketing is done in order to acquire and retain customers. Content is build in mind about the customer which must be useful to them.

Content marketing attracts customer and transforms customer into potential customers by creating and sharing valuable content. Content defines brand loyalty by provides valuable information to consumers that creates a willingness to purchase products from the company in the future.In this way a brand built a trust and gain clients.

When businesses starts developing content strategy the main focus should be the needs of the customer. Once a business has identified the client’s need, it becomes easy to rapport with customer and engage them. Content can be presented in different types of formats like news, video, newspaper, e-books , infographics , email newsletters, case studies ,articles, photos , blogs , etc.

Content strategy

Content strategy refers to the planning, developing, and creating a content that is valuable , useful and understandable formand built as per customers need. Content strategy increases brand awareness. In this type if marketing there is no direct sales of product or services instead the effective content attracts the customers than transform them into actual customer or client.


If you directly sale the product , you may not get fruitful outcome if you switch to alternative by creating posts, blogs or articles you may successfully attract a large amount of public to your product .

Moreover Google search result is lower if the content is not better or either copied , fruitful or either irrelevant. Content marketing not only helps you in organic but it is much more about SEO , or brand storytelling. It is the most effective ways to build trust and increasing traffic and generating leads.Digital strategy should be for the user and not for search engine. Content directly hits the user.

Steps to create your business growth

Step 1- Set your mission goals.
Step 2- Establish your Key performance indicators.
Step 3- Know your audience.
Step 4- Decide your content types.
Step 5- Create content.
Step 6- Measure results.

What makes you unique ?

Your competitior might have same product or running same services business, this means your audience needs to know what makes you different from your competitior. This is where content plays a very crucial role. You can switch to different channels to publish your content. Channels can include your website and blog; and social media properties, such as Facebook and Twitter , Linkined, pinterest , snapchat or youtube.

Content makreting techniques that helps in providing better results to your site:

1- Utilize diverse content as people usually take informarion in the way they want to, so think more about photos, video, digital recordings, and presentations.

2- Content curation: The objective of making the content is to offer related assets for your client that truly understand your services and need to work on it. This is especially helpful for increasing the value of a top to bottom piece.

3- Ques and Ans: Extend your content by addressing the questions posted to you by your customers and clients . Try to make the content using video, sound, as well as content.

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