Distance Education: Boon for all Busy Bees

Distance Education: Boon for all Busy Bees

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Distance Education

Distance education or often termed as corresponding learning or correspondence course. So it is an ordinarily used term that we usually overhear. However, most of us do not have any precise notion about this so they entirely or partially unaware of all the benefits and the technicalities about this topic. We mostly sidelined the importance of distance learning. Therefore, it is important that one should hold a sound grasp about it so before proceeding further and discussing the modes of education and way one can pursue their degree.

It is very significant that we became familiar with all its topics and issues. We often heard about Distance Learning or Education. What does it mean? How it facilitates learning and whom will it benefit the most? We must keep all these factors in mind while searching the perfect hub. Hub which satisfies almost all our educational needs and  must  also be cognizant with all the technicalities of distance education.

What is Distance Education?

It is the way of education in which learning takes place remotely means without any formal or conventional pupil and tutor classroom setting. It offers an array of quality courses curated with highly trained professionals to make learner’s learning better. The significant advantage of being enrolled in one of these programs is that it does not limit the learners to stick with a sole mode of learning. Rather it provides various options to choose from. One has the freedom to prefer full time or part-time mode of learning, whatever suits them better. Most noteworthy all the important and relevant materials like class notes, presentations etc. can be transferred online. 

Points to Ponder

Before preferring, any organization examines some points for hassle-free learning and unharmed future experiences. These features are as follows:

  • Numerous alternatives are available for those who are serious about their career and thoughtfully aspires to own a degree issued by a prestigious university. If you are in India, you have the option to pursue distance education programme from IGNOU or any Open University present in 13 states of India. Apart from that, there are more than 140 universities established across the country, which offers a dual learning mode.
  • It is mandatory for all those institutions that offer any type of distance programme. They must be accredited by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) of UGC (University Grants Commission). If anyone wants to check the complete list of the institutions for their satisfaction.  Also want to explore the options for convenience in choosing the correct option for satisfying their future need and educational goals. They can access the list of all Online and Distant Learning Institutes approved by DEB on their official website.
  • Anyone can pursue two courses or programmes together through distance mode or in the combination of regular and distance mode from same university or institute in the combinations mentioned below:
  1. Two Diplomas
  2. Two PG Diplomas
  3. Two Certificates
  4. One Certificate and one Diploma
  5. One Certificate/Diploma and PG Diploma
  6. One Diploma and one Degree/Certificate/PG Diploma

Why Distance Education?

Obtaining degrees through this program is very propitious. Certainly for those who live in remote areas or do not have an ample amount of time for attending daily classes. It receives immense popularity because of its validity and efficiency in time as well as money consumptions. One can earn a valid degree from a reputed university across the globe while saving both money any time. With the progression in technologies, distance learning picks the pace and unfolds at an exceptional rate with the incomprehensible rate.

Moreover Education is a primary key, which unbars the doors of peace and prosperity, so no one ever misses any golden opportunity that paved their way toward a successful tomorrow. Education is a key, which unbars the doors of peace and prosperity, so no one ever misses any golden opportunity which paved their way toward a successful tomorrow.

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