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How good is snapchat for advertisement


Advertising on Snapchat

Advertising on Snapchat could be fun. Some may argue that the results are not as overwhelming as that of Facebook and Instagram. Quite obvious that these platforms are giant but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed here. Something that hasn’t worked for others may work for you. I business, anything can be put to work.

How you can put Snapchat to work?

The attention span of a user is not more than 3 or 4 sec. Snapchat advertising proves its advantage in this matter. You want immediate action form users. Snapchat offers the swipe up option that calls for action.

In what areas you can use Snapchat?

Video Views-People are already doing it on Snapchat. They just need to watch another video of your ads. It is a pretty simple task and you are likely to gain views here.

Web traffic and conversion– Many just want traffic on their site. Users just need to swipe up for that. If your content on Snapchat is engaging enough, they will visit your site. Further, you ease the journey of the potential user to reach you while they were enjoying it. If your targeting is right, you are likely to get conversion in abundance from here.

Lead generation- Users are just a click away from form filling or downloading things. Chances of collecting email-ids are high here. As a digital marketing expert, you already know the importance of lead generation in marketing.

App installation– When you offer something to someone so easily who will deny? For app installation, we have to move to the app store first. But here you put the ad of your app where they can directly install your ads without moving to the app store. Snapchat ads expert use this platform mostly for app installation.

Targeting facilities– Some may still argue that Facebook has better targeting facilities. Agreed, but nothing is less than that Facebook here. Snapchat advertising experts use detailed targeting facilities like that of Facebook without even spending that much budget.

You can select state, city, zip code or cover an area for a certain address. Like Facebook, you can create a custom audience and lookalikes. In the custom audience, you can target people of the same kind and retarget who have shown interest in your ads.

Measuring stats- 

Like any other platform, Snapchat also gives the measuring stats for advertisers. Measuring stats is crucial when you are seriously engaged in your advertising goals. After all, knowing your efforts is vital for better ROI.

You can get insights about your audience. Male and female views, demography, views by months, years, weeks. You can get to know how many people saw your story their completion rate (if people have watched it till the end).

Final words

Snapchat has less competition and it is also cheaper than any giant platform. If you are a start-up or just want to experiment with something new on any new platform, you can start advertising on Snapchat.

If you see the age distribution of Snapchat, it is mostly a group of young. You can grab the attention of youngsters with alluring offers and other tactics.

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