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How to create effective ads group in PPC


Create Effective Ads Group in PPC

Bidding, strategy forming, landing page, and many things are there that go in the making of ads copies. People talk about keywords, ad relevancy but don’t lay stress on ads group.

Many digital ads experts mess it up while making ads, which results in a lower click-through rate. The factor behind is carelessness in forming ads group.

But, what are the ads group?

You surely have an account protected with a password, if you are Google ads expert. In that account, you have ad campaigns for various brands whatsoever. Beneath every ad campaign, you find ad groups that are based on different keywords.

So, the ad group is just like an extended branch of a tree in your ad campaign but highly relevant for effective ads campaigning. It has specific set of keywords, message for ad copy, and landing page (based on same keywords).

Why is it important by anyway?

A structured ad campaign increases the ad relevancy because it makes things clear that-

  • Who you want to show your ads
  • What you want to show
  • The final decision of users

Google recognizes organized stuff in your ad campaign that can lead to an improvement in quality score. A good quality score will rank you up in SERP. If you want to know how to achieve this, move further.

How to create effective ads group for better performance

You know your aim right? Maybe, you don’t. Each ad group takes people to a specific landing page where they find products/services they wanted but what you did was not fulfilling this purpose. See the example below-

Google ads consultant wants to make ad campaigns for her digital marketing firm. It would be wise to create different ad groups for different keywords. One contains digital marketing firm, digital marketing agency, digital marketing and another contain Google ads, Google ads consultant, Google Adwords consultant.

One of the best ways to improve targeting methods is by making many ad groups. You could have some broad match keywords in one of the sets of keywords among which some keywords may create conflict and may not show desired results. For instance, Car repair service, Car wash, and repair service, Car parts, and repair service, if you want to specifically target people for car repair, create a different ad group for car parts and products.

A landing page is as important as the ad copies, many put efforts in making ad copies but only to ruin it. Different keywords demand different landing pages why so? If someone wants a black color gown of a particular brand my keywords set would be black +gown+ brand. If your ad takes her to a white and pink color gown, it would be annoying enough to close that site immediately.


Ad groups contribute a lot indeed. Google keeps the sharp eye on how you organize your ad campaign and how relevant it would be to users. If you allow good practice in making an ad campaign, you will end up getting better ROI in a short time.

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