Importance of Keywords in Google AdWords

How to design a landing page for Google AdWords


Design a landing page for Google AdWords

So you are a digital marketing strategist and work on Google AdWords for marketing but not getting results. Now, you will turn to a Google AdWords consultant to seek a solution. That person will listen to your situation and one thing you will learn is about the landing page. As a Google AdWords expert, you may have heeded all your attention on ads making. A landing page is as equally important as making a perfect ad copy. Either you can get it done by someone or can do it yourself (if you know all stuff).

Before you head to design-

  • What are your target customers?
  • What keywords are you using?
  • What is your aim traffic, lead generation, eBook download, etc.?

And of course, under what time frame you want all this. Google AdWords consultant is a bit costly and you can’t afford flowing money like anything. Big planning is indeed necessary.

Planning a marketing campaign is a good practice for a serious marketer. The more time you spend, the more you are likely to achieve high results. So, here are tips that can consider while planning and implementing your strategies-

Use the most relevant keywords

The same advice goes for Google AdWords expert because keywords act as a bridge between you and your potential customers. Using keywords that seem to resolve the problems of a user can fascinate potential customers. As the marketing strategy says, don’t appeal to buying products so soon. If your ad has been clicked by a person, your landing page must further address the query. This process helps to build a passage that gradually leads your users towards the product or service.

· Consistency in Keywords

If your ads use some keywords and landing pages don’t have the same, it will increase the bounce backs. Your ad, landing page, in fact, the URL should contain the same keywords. For instance, there is a product for acne problem. Your ad copy and landing page must have the same keywords suggesting to remove the acne problem.

· Call-to-action

When your ad copy and landing successfully motivate a person, there should not be a pause, that is why call-to-actions are so important. Use simple and short language for CTA. Click here, learn now, get started, buy now, etc. Create an attractive button to get clicked by customers. Even using stylist fond and colors also help. However, don’t put too may CTA, otherwise, it will backfire. Once customers sense that you are promoting, they will go back. Keep the text visually soothing and clear.

· Show your Genuineness

Not only people but Google also can know that a particular site is fake or not thanks to advanced crawling techniques. Give address, phone number, a clear description, logo, etc. on your landing page as well. Google wants to uplift genuine businesses and remove bogus one. But your small mistake can mislead Google and it can cost you a lot.


All the techniques as you know-meta tag, description, the title should be aligned with the same keywords. So the keyword is a king be it URL, meta tag, description, landing page, etc. But before that, you figure out what you want according digital marketing strategist out of Google.

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