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How to know Bing ads are worth your time and investment


Bing ads

There is no point in arguing that Google has a giant share in internet searches. Bing advertisement is a big no for some businesses. Probably you may have seen only graphs and data. If data can only satisfy people, they can find some data here in favor of Bing. Perception for Bing advertisement may vary from digital marketing strategist. Analyzing things on your end is a sing of great businesses. This article will help you to do so.

Now, no one is asking you to invest instantly after reading this or invest heavily there. Advertisement on Bing could be a game-changer for some businesses. In an experiment, you can try to make ads there but wait, you people have another complaint. Who will do all the ad set up again? Bing ads campaign setup is super easy or if you do have ads on Google AdWords, you can directly import it on Bing. See, there is a clue in this, you can run your ad campaigns on both the platforms for better earning.

How far Bing stand out?

For people who want to know data about Bing, there are 133 million unique searches, so even 2 million are can make your job done. Alone Bing can only bring enough revenue. 34% of desktop searches in the US are on Bing. If your business target people around the globe, especially the US, this is going to be a great deal for you.

Age targeting-

This point may disappoint you of your targeting audience is a teenager or young most of the time. You’ll find people of mature age above 34 yrs. using Bing. But for those whose targeting age goes above, 34 could find their target more easily.

Income-based targeting-

You are missing out on most of your revenue if you don’t target people of high income on Bing. Most Bing users have per annum earning of $10,00,000. Now you should get that the world of ads is beyond AdWords.

Additional benefit-

Bing not only shows its ads on its search engine but also on two other Yahoo and AOL. So, you can kill three birds with one shot.

Considering all the factors, you can adopt Bing as your second option if not one. For small businesses that are looking for most out of small invest, can also try their hand in this. CPC or cost-per-click is way cheaper than AdWords. One thing you can do is search for how much people search on Bing. As a desktop search in the US is 34%, you should make sure that other countries also qualifies. This is just for secure targeting for no loss. For more elaboration jump to the next point.

Know your audience-

The best way to determine whether you should invest in certain platforms or not is by knowing your audience. As already told if you know your targeting is focused mainly on young then Bind would be just a waste of time. Similarly, what content you want to show to your audience also matters. Searches on Bind are mostly image-oriented.

There is no boundation on you but you can give it a try. For more clarity, you can contact any digital marketing expert.

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