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Importance of quality score in Google Adwords


Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a deep game that only experienced digital marketing strategist understands. A lot goes into making an ad, keywords research, crispy language use, bidding, etc.. But why do we do all this? For a layman, it could be a different experience but a Google ads expert doesn’t miss on any step. One mistake can let you pay its cost.

What decides the rank of your ad?

Many competitors are working on similar projects. Google can’t rank everyone’s ad on top. There must be some factors behind it. Let’s understand those logics. Your rank is based on quality score and maximum bidding.

Ad rank = quality score * max bid

Now, you must have perceived that why an Adwords expert is so worried about quality score. This quality score depends on several factors like relevancy of your keyword, relevancy of landing page, easiness from customer’s point, etc. these factors are explained further for clear understanding.

  • Know your factors

You may be working on a few factors; it is fantastic but maybe you are missing out on others. Adwords don’t rely on one or two factors, keep experimenting. Before that, you should know all the probable factors. Here is a list of the same.

  • Keywords in your ads
  • Keywords in landing page
  • Optimization in landing page
  • Relation of the content of landing page and ads
  • User experience
  • Click-through rate
  • Past performance
  • List of negative keywords

There could be more depending on your business requirement but the important one is here. Ask any experienced Google ads consulting agency, you will receive the same suggestion. If you have an in-house team working on Adwords, just follow these steps, you will escape from the high fee of consultancy.

  • Keyword’s relevancy in ads

People search for queries on Google about their health, electronic items, books, etc.. For example, shampoo for hair growth. On search engine page results, they are left with a lot of solutions. There lie your ads on side columns and top.  It will rise on top if your keywords match with those searched by users. As your ads are likely to be seen by users, your site visits will increase.

  • Landing page

A landing page is the next important thing for the seamless journey of users. If users find landing to be irrelevant, bounce back is likely to happen. Users want instant solutions to their problems online. If you don’t provide then the same they will jump to another site to seek it.

The keywords you used in your ad must contain in your landing page too to keep the relevancy maintained.

  • Negative keywords

You know where you have to show your ads but you must also know where not to. In Google Adwords, it is a strong way to avoid unnecessary expenditures by not showing ads to an irrelevant audience. For the sake of this purpose, you need to create a list of negative keywords.

  • Keyword research

Keyword research is another important aspect of the desired results. It is just not about keywords only but how it is used in ads also matters. Keep your ads short and crisp. Don’t make it over-informative otherwise it will increase the discomfort of users.

These were some important suggestions that you can bring to your practice and improve your quality score.

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