Four Important Phase To Build Up Your Affiliate Website

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Four Important Phase To Build Up Your Affiliate Website

One of the reasons why many starting internet marketers go wrong is because they want to go directly to the final phase of their website.

They want to start earning money right away – which of course makes sense. This post credit goes to SkWebSolutions; the Albuquerque SEO services provider.

However, that is doomed to fail.

That would be the same as building a house, and you are going to start with the attic. Your foundation must first stand well – and few people understand that.

Last night I recorded a video in which I show you the four phases of building an (affiliate) website. I thought it would be nice to tell you more about this and to make it clear to people where they should start, and why this is important. Here is the text version of my recorded video.


You can not have a successful internet business if you do not have something on which you can get visitors.

In my case, this is a website, but this can also be an Instagram profile or a Facebook page.

It must be something on which something can be done; on which you can welcome people and on which content can be found.

This is the very first step and perhaps also the most logical step.


The next step is to get relevant visitors.

Visitors spend money; they are the ones who are going to draw their wallets, and/or are worth money.

This should be the second step of your internet business; to get visitors. You can do this by creating content. Go blogging, go post-Instagram photos, build on your platform so that your platform grows.

Without visitors, no clicks and therefore no income. Do not focus on the next steps if you do not have many visitors yet.


Only when you have (many) visitors do you realize income.

So you do not have to keep working on your website 24/7 if you do not have (many) visitors yet. Make sure you have a lot of visitors before you start this third phase.

You can achieve income by, for example, looking at which articles are read the most, and sticking an earnings model to this, such as placing an affiliate link.

Or approach and offer a company to buy advertising space on your website.

Only when you have a lot of visitors can you realize income.


If you have some income, it is your turn to scale up, and thus increase your income. More income running.

You can do this by going to see if it is possible to increase your conversion. Or, for example, by changing the business model. Another way is to involve more channels in your marketing, such as applying email marketing.


After reading the above phases you will probably think: simple, that is logical?

Absolutely, but few people will stick to this. Try to do this, because otherwise you just make yourself crazy.

Internet marketing and building a profitable asset (website) is always a long-term process. Have patience, keep building.

Every day again.

Good luck!


My name is Lissa Doniro & I am the brand performance manager @ XpertWriterHelps. The firm is based in the United Kingdom. Their aim is to help the audience looking for essay writing services.

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