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How to increase the relevancy of landing page for Google Ads


Increase the relevancy of landing page

The landing page is not a thing to ignore when you are running a fully dedicated advertisement on AdWords. Ask any Google ads expert, they will tell you about the importance of quality score. Quality score, in the nutshell, is the performance of your Google ads based on which you rank on search engine page results. Though it is one of the factors for a high ranking but the important one. Hence the importance of landing page increases.

If the behavior of users shows that they are not able to access your site easily or navigate to reach the shopping cart, your landing page quality is poor. As soon as users come to your landing page journey of purchasing begins. It should be seamless enough to navigate him through your website. Google Ads consultant suggests that the loading time of any landing page should not be more than 3 sec. In short, you have to take care of a few things for better performance-

• Relevancy

The content of your landing page matters the most. It should convey what a user is looking for. It is not talking about your products and services all the time. The strong convincing tone is what your content should carry to keep engaged in your customers. Gradually, users can learn about your product that now qualifies for them as you told the relevance of having it in their life.

• Quality score

As stated earlier quality score is one of the factors of improving your rank on SERP.

Ad rank= quality score*bid rate

So, either you increase bid (if you are rich enough) or improve the quality of your score. An increasing bid may not help in the long run. Digital marketing experts say that standard ads with a quality landing page don’t reflect the spam, that users are afraid of often.

• Bounce rates

As you know for any click you pay a small fee to search engine. You don’t want unnecessary clicks but it could happen due to poor quality landing page. Someone visits your site and not found relevant content or it is taking too long to load. Bounce backs are certainly going to increase.

How to increase the relevancy of your landing page?

For that, you need to think like a customer. Some tips may help-

• Use the same keywords

Hold keywords till the end right where your ads started to your landing page. The attention of the user is not going anywhere if you do that. The art of integrating those keywords in your content on the landing page might look like a task but strategically beneficial.

• Content tone

The tone of content on the landing page must match with what you are offering. If it is fun-related, the tone of your language must reflect that. If it is about fitness, use an energetic tone. Your content must sound the same.

• Your uniqueness

Why are you different from others? Here is a chance to show off your potential proof that connecting with you will be delightful for users. To earn an edge over your competitors, you have put something mind-blowing on your landing page.

That’s all your landing page must embrace to increase the relevancy. For more optimization advice you can seek the help of a digital marketing agency.

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