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Mobile Advertising

There is no denying that we gaze at mobile almost throughout the day. People of all age are a teenager, youngster, or elders, do have Smartphone’s. This is a generation of mobile shopping and where shopping comes, comes advertisement.
Marketers who still find billboard advertising as relevant are not wrong but they probably don’t are aware of the power of digital advertisement. If you happen to meet a digital marketing strategist
you will find that the world has moved far ahead than those who still rely on conventional marketing techniques only.

Searches on Google and scrolling through social media, Facebook, Instagram, and all, we see around things that we like. Advertisement on social media also works the same way. The advertisements you see on social media are consequences of your behavior on it. If you follow fashion-related pages, you are likely to receive ads of clothes and accessories. If you want suggestions, you search for it on Quora, there also you can see ads related to your query. Had those ads been shown to you somewhere else, you would not have connected to them.

There are platforms where you as a business could connect to people similarly. These are especially beneficial for mobile searches-

Google My Business

You may have already thought about it because every business that wants to improve its presence in the market needs to be on the list. Asking Google for small services that could be found locally is normal. Such type of searchers is mostly on mobile phones. If you are not there, you are losing and allowing your competitor to gain all trust. Even if your service is the best in your niche, you could not stay best for long if you don’t have yours listed in GMB.

Quora Advertising

Quora is a place of discussion where people from all walks of life discuss small queries to big questions. You may think about how Quora advertising would be? Advertising here could be far more effective as it is sandwiched between persuasive answers. So, when users are looking for a solution, there your ads trigger and clicked by them. For instance, students are searching for the importance of Artificial Intelligence. Students will get convincing answers that it is good for career growth and all. A Quora ads expert put ads just after the answer which is more likely to be clicked by them.

Advertising on Snapchat

It is quite an obvious option because it is a mobile app. Snapchat is a great option if you want to target mostly youngsters. Many ads of app install appear in Snapchat because for that you don’t have to go play store to download it. They give an attractive call-to-action button that redirects users to download.

Instagram/Facebook ads

The reason people are involved in their Smartphone is social media. People can check their social media accounts a hundred times a day. Running your ads on it is worth it. It’s already in use for a long time for advertisement and you are not alone advertising your stuff there. A lot of strategies to put your mind in is waiting for you if you want to advertise on social media.

So, these were some amazing platforms that you can consider for mobile advertising.

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