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Search engine optimization for companies


Search engine optimization for companies

A powerful website makes it easier for customers to find their way to the company. Search engine optimization increases the visibility of your company considerably. The Google position of your website for certain keywords improves over time, although the development of it is not sudden, of course. Web Impression is your partner when it comes to SEO, SEA and website creation.

SEO analysis

SEO measures are carried out more efficiently if an SEO analysis is carried out first. Based on this, your wishes and goals can be discussed and defined. The costs for the SEO analysis amount to 150€, which will be charged when using subsequent services. From the analysis follow recommendations for action, which I can implement for you via a monthly hourly contingent or via an all-inclusive offer.

Start of the campaign

An important decision must be made before any SEO campaign: Do you want to spread an SEO campaign over 3-6 months or should the campaign be done by a package deal? If you decide on a monthly hourly quota, an estimate of the working time will be given. For a flat rate, an estimate will be given. This is usually higher because SEO measures have to be implemented as quickly as possible. A monthly hourly contingent also includes monthly reporting in the cloud. In addition, you can give feedback and adjust your SEO campaign.

Our SEO service

At Web Impression you can have services like “Open-Graph & Twitter Cards” done. Whether you want to use page speed optimization, advertising texts or Open-Graph & Twitter Cards, Web Impression offers an individual offer. Reach more customers now with SEO from Web Impression. Let Web Impression optimise your website now.

Website creation for companies

If you choose Web Impression, you have the possibility to choose between different offers, each of which is designed to meet your needs.

Increase your visibility with Web Impression and be one step ahead of your competitors. All websites created by Web Impression are optimized to increase paid and organic search queries.

Website optimization

If you choose Web Impression, you have the possibility to choose between different offers, but each one is designed to meet your needs.

However, each individual website takes into account the most important SEO factors, although even after creation you might find new improvement potential when the market is saturated and you need to enter a saturated market.

5 main services

Accelerated Mobile Pages: With a low load time website, you can ensure that customers can connect to your site easily, even with a poor mobile connection.

Responsive design: 75% of users expect immediate information when using their smartphone. Modern websites should therefore have a responsive design to be positively evaluated.
Efficient and individual: Created from scratch according to your ideas and needs.

Online Marketing: Without a good strategy, even the most beautiful website cannot attract customers. That is why Web Impression takes into account fundamental factors that have a positive impact on your performance.

Everything from one source: Web Impression takes care of everything: analysis, planning, design, creation and optimization of your website.

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