7 reasons why social media marketing is important for your business?

Social Media Marketing Tips For Business


Social Media Marketing Tips For Business

2019 saw a surge in the numbers of social media users. The year recorded a whopping 351.4 million users of social media as compared to the 326 million in 2018. Due to the ease of internet access, rural and urban areas of the country are now getting on equal footing.

This development is encouraging big brands and small businesses to make effective use of digital resources to the max. Social media marketing services and social media advertising have become a crucial part of the business plan.

With this in mind, a few social media marketing tips that you can follow to grow your business are:-

1. Observe:

Before beginning a plan of action, it’s important to keep an eye on the world. Everyday brands are coming up with the latest tactics to entertain and encourage their audience.

• Studying trends: Studying the latest trends from your competitors is very important. Companies publish content that works out for them, studying their trends can help you form strategies that may work for your brands as well.

• Understand your brand personality: How is your business different from others? What is your Unique Selling Point? Does your brand reflect your personality? Or is it completely different? What does your brand want to say to the world?
Answering these questions may help you define your brand’s personality. It is believed that people trust a brand with clear messaging and aim as compared to a brand that just wants to sell.

• Define your content: Content is always in line with brand personality. All brand communication has to have the same type of communication. Defining your content will help place brand guidelines for communication.

2. Plan

• Set a goal: Set your business goals. Your business goals should define your sales growth, customer acquisition rates, conversion rates etc.
• Devise a daily, monthly, yearly action plan: Align your content and promotions with your business goals. How will your social media content help you achieve your goals?

3. Know your audience

The world is vast. Your target audience can be anywhere in the world. In fact, you may not even know who is interested in your products and services. Hence, little research and accurate insights are necessary to find your target audience. You can narrow down your search through two methods

• Demographics: Demographics include basic information about your target like gender, age, location, occupation, habits, buying behaviour etc.
• Psychographics: Psychographics include in-depth information like likes, dislikes, hobbies, mindset, opinions etc.
Both this information can be found by releasing online surveys, interviews of potential target audiences and group discussions etc. You may also refer to your own sales data to polish your search.

4. Understand your platforms

Every social media platform has a different purpose. For example. Facebook is for finding updates on friends, Twitter is mainly used for social voice, Instagram is all about reflecting the beauty of life through aesthetic pictures, LinkedIn is for jobs and professional nurturing. It’s needless to say that different types of audiences would occupy different mediums, one more so than other eg. teenagers are youths are more inclined to Instagram as compared to Facebook which is often used by the older generation.

So once you have your target audience defined, it’s best to find the right platform to focus your efforts at.

5. Plan content

There are a number of mediums that can be used to publish your branded content. Here are different types of content and media that are highly used.

Website: Used for providing information and creating a brand presence online. Websites linked in social media posts can derive organic traffic to your websites.

Blogs: A blog is an informational piece of write-up that builds credibility in your brand. Fresh blogs on trendy topics with the right keywords can drive potential leads to your website.

Microsites: Microsites are a smaller version of a website. People often put engaging content on microsites for specific purposes.

Social media posts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest. These are some well-known social media sites that demand creative and engaging content. Businesses often create a social media calendar to posts content on a daily basis by using multi-media formats like:
a. Videos: Short videos ranging from 30-60 seconds receive a better reception than long videos
b. Images: A single image can speak volumes. With careful creativity and politically correct images, you can engage audiences on a daily basis with less hassle.
c. Gifs: Gifs are used to showcase vivid messages in an elaborate manner. They are shorter than videos and non-static as compared to images.
d. Infographics: Infographics are mainly used to convey relevant information. For example, a mobile app uses infographics to explain the registration process. You can use this kind of tool to your advantage.

Social media is taking over the world. It is mandatory for a business to have social media presence in order to inculcate trust and credibility among people. Hope these tips can help you create a fool-proof social media strategy.

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