Importance of Keywords in Google AdWords

Strategies to Increase your AdWords ROI


Increase your AdWords ROI

The average conversion rate on AdWords is around 3% if you are getting this, it is quite good. However, some marketers make it upto 5% conversion and 10% also. Surely, AdWords is not a cakewalk. Every AdWords expert struggles to get the most out of the invested amount. Hence they get ready to invest another amount of dollars to achieve higher conversion. Soon this becomes the vicious loop for you.

No matter how much energy you put into your business, if you don’t hunt for a solution, the condition will never improve. A Google AdWords expert can put all her energy in making ads and targeting but the rest of the work is at your end. Wait rest of work means? To know about it go through these points.

  • Reduce CPC

Despite putting all efforts if you don’t get desired results, it is time to decrease CPC. As you know CPC or cost-per-click is a cost that you pay to a search engine whenever there is a click on your ad. However, conversion depends on many factors and the most important one is your website. Is your site friendly to all devices that are commonly used? If your site is running slow or not opening on mobile, you are losing more than 70% of conversion. So, you need to make sure that your site is device friendly. A bad experience of your site will also affect your quality score about which you will learn later in this article.

  • Speed of your site

You know that if your site doesn’t load in 3 secs, users jump to another. Yes, it is about attention span. Many digital marketing experts say that the load time of a site should be as good as possible. Otherwise, you unnecessarily pay the cost because users click on the link and jump back. So, don’t let your loading time annoy users. You can also test your site on various devices and also ask many people to open it at the same time for precise testing.

  • Easy navigation

Are you tired of calling Google Ads consultant, still not getting an apt solution? Maybe you need to shift your focus on your site. If users are not able to navigate easily, they are far away from conversion. When users land to your site, they are at the starting point of the conversion funnel. Ideally, the journey should be seamless for users. They should find options easily and navigate to reach their desired product/service. If they don’t do so despite coming to your site, here is a problem.

Choice paralysis is also a problem when users quit your site out of confusion. You need to take care of that too.

  • Quality score

Quality score aids in improving your rank on SERP without putting much in bidding. Improvement in quality score depends on various factors. Ad relevancy, keywords relevancy, previous performance, click-through rate, landing page quality.

Quality score must be your priority now as all the factors are interconnected, you can start with the optimization of the website.

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