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Tactics for an Instagram and facebook marketing


Instagram and facebook marketing

Instagram, was a baby platform in 2010 and was limited with photo and video sharing, later revamped to bless the advertising industry. We all know how Facebook advertising has improved the way of advertising by facilitating wider targeting options. Instagram advertising is no way far behind. Authorities realized the power of Instagram when they witnessed that the influence is unlike any other giant social media. Since it launched its first ad in 2013, it hasn’t stopped yet.

Solely, designed for pictures and video sharing, this app, as we all know is a subsidiary of Facebook. It has made the life of mobile photographers super easy. Many have their business pages as well. It is just not limited to photographers, e-commerce, services, brand imaging has become a new normal. If you are also one of the aspirants who want to grow business on this platform, you can find strategies here.

Business profile setup

Unlike stereotypic profiles of businesses that you normally see, you can have an appealing one on Instagram. This platform will give you immense opportunity to explore the world of possibilities. You can create a standard business profile with a sense of creativity. Choose a profile pic that best describes your business in one go and write a catchy description. Before this, you need to complete a job.

Make sure your app is updated to the latest version. Switch to a business profile and as Instagram ads experts suggest, connect your id to Facebook. Either you are advertising on Facebook or Instagram, Both Facebook ads expert or Instagrammers usually advise this step. Now you are ready to post. Instagram gives a message to promote your post as a business and here also it asks you to connect to Facebook.

Sell products/services

You don’t directly sell things social media. As there are competitors, so, to be on the front foot, you need to describe your brand successfully. Don’t jump to promote your product/services. Let your customers know that you understand their needs very well and have designed a product or service accordingly. Let’s say yours is a car-wash& repair home, put pictures of car parts in your profile (make it look attractive by using filters), deliver your dedicated work to them through pictures and descriptions. You portray the standard you follow in your work and the related knowledge that you have.

Instagram also works well for local brands. Along with getting listed in Google maps, you can create an image of your brand.

Brand imaging

Brand Imaging is a perfect way of generating leads. Locally or nationally, or internationally, Instagram ads expert helps your brand to shine. Once users take an interest in your brand, you can use them for e-mail marketing. You can promote a post on Instagram or Facebook feed. If you plan a webinar or any event, you can put a post or mention it in stories.

Double advertisement

Instagram gives you two ways of marketing. One is posts and the other is stories. Some stories stay only for 24 hours but you can mention some special stories that stay on your profile. You can aware of users of the launch of any new product, discounts, offers, or just create awareness about your new post.

Marketing on Instagram is fun, do give it a try and see new success in your business.


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