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Laser marking machine market


What is Laser Marking Machine ?

When we mark on an object by the help of laser Machine is called Laser Marking Machine. In which we can change everything on the object like color, depth, size, and construction. You can also say it is printing method on an object surface by using of Laser Marking Machine. A laser is like a thin needle, which is used as a beam by which the surface of object mark. There are three ways in which Laser marking Machine works

  1.       Horizontal and vertical: The object is Horizontally facing the Vertical laser marking machine or vice-versa.
  2.       A laser is Stable: The Object move over left to right or up to down, but a laser is on a stationary mode in which laser is not moving. And last,
  3.       A mirror came between laser and object: A Galvo mirror came between the object and laser to do work.

How it works?

The best thing of a laser is, it will convert high levels of light energy into heat and use that heat to mark on the object. It is mainly used for patterns engraving on objects because it is highly efficient and fast from other marking machines.  Materials that can be engraved by using Laser marking Machine are wood, plastic, coated metals, metals, stone, glass, jewelry, and fine arts and in industries. It is used for flexographic plates and cylinders, photopolymer laser imaging, and anilox rolls.

 The global laser marking machine market is driven by increasing adoption of laser systems. Adoption of the concept in various industries is to provide permanent embossing solutions in industries such as automobile, packaging and machine tools. The marking equipment industry witnessed notable change over the past two decades. The trend is expected to continue with an increasing demand for marking systems.

Laser marking has always been an important factor in industrial activities, especially in automobiles and machine tools as they provide permanent alphanumerical details on the product in terms of brand name, batch number and other details. This engraving helps in identification and security of the products.

Market Boost

Asia Pacific boasts of one of the largest machine tool industry which is expected to drive the market at a CAGR of 8.3% over the forecast period. The growth of the automobile, packaging, and electronics manufacturing in emerging economies including China and India is expected to drive the regional market over the projected period.

New areas of applications such as personalized gifts are expected to boost the market growth. Furthermore, increasing demand for customized jewelry and leather products. It is now expecteing to fuel the market for laser marking machines over the forecast period.

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