How Mobile Phones have shaped the lives?

How Mobile Phones have shaped lives?


Mobile Phones have shaped the lives

Today, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and it’s shaping everything at fundamental levels. With mobile phones, everything is just a click away at any time, irrespective of place. Newspapers and news channels are not the primary sources of information anymore. Mobile phones are the epitome of the digital platform at the next level in terms of technology. Even for entertainment purposes, mobile phones have contributed hugely.

Years ago who could have thought that mobile phones will have this much presence and control over things on a normal day? From the invention of telephones, cordless phones to mobile phones, it has been quite an achievement.


With the combined power of the internet and mobile phones, everyone can benefit from it. As per experts over the years, there has been exponential growth in terms of consumption and low rates of mobile phones and the internet have made it accessible to everyone. The use of desktop or laptops has been reduced to office and homes. The single advantage of mobile phones is that people can look for anything, anywhere. Now, that’d be revolutionary in itself.

Changing the World

Since the internet provides a pool of information and knowledge, mobile phones are changing the world. People don’t need to go to internet cafes unless they want printouts or scan something. Most importantly, it is connecting unskilled workers or low-income people to enhance their skill set by learning anything. It is also providing a platform to start a business as e-commerce is booming, allowing anyone.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have taken the game a notch higher. These social media platforms further allow people to express their opinion and personalized experience. From following one’s favorite celebrity to uploading a video, it has opened doors where people can connect to others with similar interests beyond borders. In addition to the notorious selfie culture, the connection is real and has a lot of scope. Having said all this, cybercrime has also increased. With some precaution, it can be avoided and safety measures are also provided by these platforms.

Studies made easier

Remember school time? When there was no other way to learn things except, teachers, fellow students and the last resort the parents. Online learning has not only made things easier for students but also reduced the need to study from another teacher after school. It’s not restricted to school, even many universities offer online learning courses where people can educate themselves and learn new things enhancing their skill sets.

Connecting with Friends and Family

This is somewhat similar to the above-mentioned point, accessibility. With everyone so busy these days in their hectic schedule. It leaves very little room to interact with friends and distanced family. With mobile phones, this issue is sorted. When everything is so easily available, from video calls to texting it seems very easy.

The technology has advanced so much that people have become succumbed to even when there is a slight interference, it feels like that life has come to a halt. As much as technological advancements in the mobile industry have left people in awe, it has also invited a few glitches. These are weak signals, with no voice clarity leading to call drops. This is where mobile signal boosters come into play. Designed to ensure seamless connectivity, these ensure there are no issues regarding voice clarity and call drops. Another thing is that these can be installed at home and maintenance is easy. Many such brands offer the best mobile signal boosters but some stand out from the rest is Serugo! There are many reasons for weak signals such as bad weather, overloaded cell towers, weak signals. For these problems, there is only one solution–a mobile signal booster.

Changing the television and film industry

With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and many other such apps have taken the entertainment industry to a whole new level. If anyone couldn’t watch the movie when it released no problem, it will later be available at your disposal.

There is no shadow of a doubt that mobile phones have taken the world by storm and have so many benefits and business opportunities. However, with this much accessibility invites health and mental problems. Staying connected at times with a variety of things could take a toll on health. Cell phones have been a great asset in this modern era but it wouldn’t hurt to hang up now and then. It serves as a good distraction but it’s also more of escapism from reality. Striking a balance is not only necessary but required.

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