Wearable Technology

Impact Of Wearable Technology On App Development


You must have heard about the latest & trending technology; wearables!

Yes, you heard right, these are the gadgets which can be worn on the body, and offer multiple benefits. This technology is way more advanced than the smartphones, and gives users the advantage of wearing them as the watch, glasses, and jewelry, to name a few.

A quick overview of wearable technology

Wearable devices work along with the sensory and scanning features, and this technology has many benefits for everyone and every business sector such as healthcare, education, and traveling, etc. These devices help in solving the day to day problems and plus they are portable. And removes the excessive pressure of using an additional electronic gadget with you, as these devices are not heavy, can be easily worn by anyone, and the cherry on the top of the cake is that they can easily do your task without any interruption.

Some examples of wearable gadgets are  Apple watch, Google Glass, and VR headset. If you wonder how this technology works, then keep reading further.

How does wearable technology work?

The wearable gadgets can be connected to the internet and they can exchange the data just like you can do with your mobile phones and laptops. Through these gadgets, you can use applications in it, the way you use on your mobile phones.

A desktop stays put in one place whereas, the mobile phones can be carried to any place and the wearable didn’t even need to be carried. They can be on your hands in your eyes or anywhere on your body, there is the huge amount of data that these devices collect and transmit.

What is the impact of wearables on mobile application technology?

As with the time, wearables are getting popular in every domain of industry, the demand for apps regarding wearables is also increasing. Thus, it is forcing developers to change things in the development of mobile apps.

Change in size

Well, I guess it must be obvious to you, that as wearables size is small so the size of the applications needs to decrease. The mobile apps need to be converted as per the size of wearables so that the people who use wearables do not have any problem while using the app. Thus, the size needs to be minimized and the apps need to be made user-friendly. The apps which will be developed for wearable gadgets should be light as a feather as the size and power of the app needs to be decreased so that the app can work perfectly in a wearable.

Security is the prime aspect

As the app developers are gearing up for the transformation in apps due to the latest technology, cloud security also needs to be kept in mind. You should not forget that space filled by the app on your smartphone needs to be decreased, and the security of the data must be considered carefully.

App performance

Also, developers must ensure that the app doesn’t take much time to load. In fact, it should take less time to open in comparison to other apps, and provide accurate data effortlessly.

Integration of AI

Artificial Intelligence is a trend that is booming in mobile application development and it will boom in wearable app development as well. The integration of AI in the app will help the app to compete in the market with the latest technology and it will lead in predicting the behavior of a user. 

Battery usage

The wearable applications must be created by keeping in mind that they will be used for the whole day, they will record the activity of the person for the whole day, and every individual can see the track of their activities at any point of time. Thus, the consumption of battery needs to be minimized, it will help the users to use the app without charging in between. This will evade the unnecessary hassle to hunt for a charging point even when they are facing some kind of emergency.

Real-time communication

This is the main quality of wearables, and this feature allows the users to have real-time communication such as doctors can keep track of their patients and ask them or tell them anything at any point of time, if they need to make any changes to the diet of the patient. The data in the apps need to be put in such a manner that it gives a real-time result to the users. For this, the app needs to be developed efficiently to provide effortless user-experience to the users. This not only makes it interesting but also makes it easy to use and get results in no time and with accuracy.

Incredible UI/UX

The design arrangement makes the users feel comfortable and safe. The features need to be integrated with highly relevant and accurate. The users should be attracted to the design, but the attraction should not overcome the purpose of the app development.

Smooth data transmission

The wearables have a very big challenge in themselves as they need to store data in abundance. Thus, the app needs to be made while keeping in mind that this enormous data can be shared with the users smoothly, and this smooth data transaction will lead to an increase in users.

Inclusion of Augmented Reality

It is a delicious treat that everyone would like to eat. The apps which will be made for this advanced technology will need to be integrated with this technology so that the design can enhance the human experience, such as keeping the track of health, following voice command, among many other benefits.

Final thoughts

Indeed, technology has brought a major impact on different industries and business sectors,  and the integration of Wearable has changed the equation of technology to a larger extent. To help you grab the closer look at technology innovation, we shall keep on bringing more relevant information to you. Just keep watching this space for more excitement to come your way.

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