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Learning Management System is a software platform which has changed the concept of education and corporate training.  It facilitates organizing courses, training material, allows creation of new courses.  The Learning Management System allows a two way communication between the educator and the learner. This will make the class more productive and interactive.

Additionally, the Learning Management System allows the educator to hand over assignment, grade a learner, and monitor the progress online. Which cuts down considerable amount of time and money for the institution.

Learning Management System is an extremely powerful tool. It is also used by many business enterprises for training their new employees. It is also used to enhance the skills of present employees.

Learning Management System (LMS) software is being widely used by many educational institutions. Many universities not only in India but across the world also are now using Learning Management System.


 Learning Management System makes communication between the educator and the learner more interactive. This is done with real time training sessions through this Learning Management System video conferencing software.  The Learning Management System allows two-way communication between the learners and the educators taking education beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Through , the course follows a structured format such that all the classroom sessions, discussions, doubt clearing, and assignment submissions happen at a designated time thus saving lot of time and resources.

A day-to-day or a weekly schedule can be made through Learning Management System where the educator can plan lessons, topics that should be covered, and how much time is required to cover the topic.

Learning Management System allows the educator to share videos, presentations, and documents with learners for better understanding of a particular topic.   Learning Management System also provides the educator to track the attendance of learners, give tests and assignments, and facilitate spot assessment of a learner.

Improved Learning

 Learning Management System automatically grades objective type quizzes to allow faster grading and performance of a learner.  In case, if a learner is lacking knowledge in a particular topic then that can be assessed . Guidance to improve the learner’s performance can also be provided through  Learning Management System.

For learners, it becomes easier through the Learning Management System to enroll in a particular course without being physically present for the classes.  This interactive way of learning allows better understanding of the concepts.

The learners can also collaborate with their peers and participate in discussions, debates, and brainstorming sessions to better understand a particular topic.  Learning Management System can be used even from mobile phones and tablets. Hence, it makes it easier for the learners to submit assignments or read course material on the go.

Video Conferencing

Preparing course material for learners can be a tedious task and requires input from many other educators.  Learning Management System makes this job easier as it provides easy collaboration with educators through video conferencing . This Aid is helpful for creating course material, share feedback of the learners, and to assess the performance of the educators.

In conclusion, Learning Management System has paved the way for interactive mode of training. It is better understood by the learners from diverse locations without being physically present through video conferencing.  Hence, The learners can gain significant knowledge and fare well in their respective fields through this virtual platform.

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