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Top 4 Emerging Trends in Mobile App Development 2020


Mobile App Development

Ever-growing adoption pf smartphones has led to the explosion of mobile app development. Right from ordering food to booking tickets, everything is digitalized today. This has led to the demand for advanced and functional apps. The boon of new programming languages has further intensified the need for innovation in mobile app development.So, it is very clear that the coming years are set to witness major innovations in terms of mobile app development. Exponential rise of on-demand and wearable apps is yet another thing that users can expect in the near future.

Guiding this are some latest trends. Today, let us examine top 4 emerging trends in mobile app development.

#Trend 1: IoT Opens New Possibilities

People are increasingly using Internet of Things (IoT) technology in various forms. This technology is expected to be rapidly adopted in mobile app development to enable highly personalized user experiences. With the number of mobile devices making their way into the lives of the people, this is certainly not surprising. Furthermore, applying IoT to mobile application developmentis expected to ensure greater efficiency and better resource utilization. Users will be able to interact with numerous devices via single IoT interface.

#Trend 2: Innovationin Enterprise Mobile Apps

Today, the need for the development of enterprise mobile app has increased like never before.  More and more skilled developers are gravitating towards this technology. This is mainly because these apps make it simpler to connect large teams and also track their KPIs and metrics. Therefore, almost all small, medium and large enterprises look for enterprise mobile apps. Today, enterprise mobile app development has moved from being a trusted scalable and portable solution to innovative source to streamline operations.

#Trend 3:Cloud Technology Intervention

Right from a tech professional to an average consumer, every single person is aware of the advantages that cloud technology offers and the way in which it changes our collective lives.Today, it is not only inexpensive, easy to deploy and fast, but also serves as a great working environment for both large and small-scale enterprises. Mobile apps are no exceptions. Having said that, data syncing across mobile, tablets and laptops has become a reality and this is driving the mobile app development arena now.The quick-growing cloud computing apps market is now merging with the ubiquitous smartphone through mobile cloud computing.

#Trend 4: API-First Approach for Flexibility and Agility

As we look at the future technology developments, there is a necessity for the rapid development of mobile apps across varied target devices. This has led to the API-first approach to enhance the flexibility and agility with which the mobile apps function. This also takes care of enormous backend requirements such as information retrieval, data storage, etc.Simply put, flexible and agile mobile apps improve productivity and they can be a great tool to mitigate risks. Today, numerous industry sectors are increasingly considering the implementation of flexible and agile approach when it comes to mobile application development.

Summing Up

The past few years have been epic when it comes to advancements in mobile app development. However, this is just the beginning. With technology driving the world, newer innovations are expected to surface. Right from individual users to large scale enterprises, mobile application development is gaining grounds at a lightening pace. Be it soaring block chain technology or Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, everything is just urging to push the boundaries and create something new and innovative.

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