5 Tips to Pass Airport Immigration

5 Tips to Pass Airport Immigration

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5 Tips to Pass Airport Immigration

One part of airport procedure that everyone is getting scared of, is the Immigration. Whether you’re departing or arriving, you are required to pass this step. The anxiety or phobias that we feel as soon as we set our foot in that place where a long line awaits is really unexplainable. Let me give you five simple tips on how to pass the interview, and get that stamp you’ve been waiting for.


First and foremost, before you go to the airport, the day before or the night before, make sure you prepare all your important documents including: Passport, Visa, Ticket or Itinerary. Panic is the first emotion we feel when we forgot something, and you don’t want that once you’re already on the premises. Make sure also that you keep a photocopy of all your documents with you in case you misplaced them. Better to be safe than sorry.


Research is the key. Give yourself enough time to know your destination, the culture, the language and the people there. When an Immigration Officer asks you, where will you stay? Or what is your plan? Or what are you going to do? We normally say we are going for a tour or a visit to a friend. Make sure you know your friend’s exact address. Be ready also to answer the places that you plan to visit. Be specific. For example, “I want to see the Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.” Don’t just say the state, but mention the very specific tourist spot you want to see or experience.


We all know how scary an interview is. It’s easy to say relax and don’t be nervous, but once you’re already in front of the I.O., you start to feel cold, shaky and you will even stutter. The tip is to start the conversation with a smile and a greeting. Maintain an eye to eye contact. Avoid moving too much or using a lot of hand gestures. Be aware of your tone voice when you speak. Being confident is in the way you express yourself in front of other people.


One of the main skills of an I.O. is their ability to know if you are telling the truth or not. They don’t want any suspicious person to enter their country. So, make sure that you know what you’re going to say. Be ready to have a supporting document to show, for whatever answer you will tell them.


When you have a positive attitude, you are more likely to get a positive feedback too. Focus on the good things that will happen rather than the bad ones.

Now that you know these simple tips, are you ready to get that vacation you’ve always dreamed of? Don’t forget to say thank you after the interview. And the most powerful tool of all, prayers.

Best of luck! Enjoy and have a very wonderful and unforgettable trip!

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