Guesthouse over a Hotel

Benefits of choosing a guesthouse over a hotel

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Guesthouse over a Hotel

A hotel is defined as a commercial establishment providing lodging, meals, and other guest services. For a business to be named an inn, the business must have at least six letting rooms, in any event, three of which must have attached (ensuite) private bathroom facilities. Whereas a guesthouse is a small house or cottage adjacent to the main house, used for lodging guests. There are certain advantages that one can get from choosing either of the two but today we talk about the benefits of choosing a guesthouse over a hotel.

Less expensive

We start by talking about the guesthouse prices. We all know that customers are rationale all they want is something cheap but providing a quality service from it. In most cases, hotels are expensive as compared to guesthouse but for the same service. When comparing the guest house prices to that of a hotel, you will in most cases notice guest houses are significantly cheaper especially in well-known travel goals. Guesthouses will, in general, be less expensive than hotels and they will have any kind of effect on your spending limit, particularly in the event that you intend to stay a little longer. This, however, does not mean you will be experiencing lower standards in any viewpoint. So, it is good to choose a guesthouse over a hotel because you will end up saving some money from the same service.

Faster check-in and checkouts

The other advantage of choosing a guesthouse over a hotel is that the process of checking in and checking out is faster as compared to a hotel. Since at a guesthouse there are fewer rooms there will also be fewer guests providing you with a peaceful, and relaxing environment making it easier and quicker to check-in and out.


I will start by defining what privacy is. Privacy is a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people. At a guesthouse usually, a few people would be staying there and guesthouses offer you the option of renting the whole place if you want. That means you won’t be bothered and you won’t bother anyone either which is good for your privacy if you are someone who likes privacy. Whereas at hotels they don’t give individuals an option to rent the whole building.

Personalized service

A great advantage of crushing at a guesthouse is that the service is regularly more customized and centered than in a hotel. Since guest houses are rarely packed, the staff will pay more consideration to your particular needs and that means the services you will receive will be more customized. You may end up creating a bond with the people at the guesthouse that can offer you the best advice about the local area since no one knows a place better than the locals, so your host can give you very interesting information that you won’t find in any travel guide. Whereas this is impossible at a hotel because they will be having many guests.

Home away from home

The overall atmosphere is probably the most obvious difference between hotels and guesthouses. As the name suggests, guesthouses are houses that are ready to be rented to guests, you will absolutely feel more at home than in a generic hotel room. Hotels are often impersonal and sometimes even intimidating, while guest houses have character and will make you feel welcome.

Guesthouses are a great way to unwind because hotels tend to be much busier and you actually don’t end up relaxing the way you thought you would. Make the right choice when it comes to taking a break from your busy life. Choose Nest and rest guesthouse situated in Springs, Johannesburg, where you will experience a getaway like never before.

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