Top 10 things to do in Jodhpur

Top 10 things to do in Jodhpur

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Jodhpur is a must-visit tourist destination. Jodhpur which is also known as ‘The Sun City’ because of its bright warm and sunny weather, is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The city holds everything in it that will make your Jodhpur Trip exciting, thrilling and fun-filled.   

Explore Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort was built in the year 1459AD by Rao Jodha. The fort is one of the important landmarks of Jodhpur and cannot be missed while you are on a visit to this amazing blue city. The majestic fort stands tall and definitely is a symbol of power which depicts its glorifying history. The fort is characterized by domes and arches, however, what’s amazing is that you would be able to see a distinct change in architecture as the construction of the fort took a long time and changed many hands, and hence the architecture is a clear representation of various periods.

See Splendid Umaid Bhawan

A luxury palace hotel, a museum and a working palace, Umaid Bhawan Palace is the foremost striking landmark of the majestic Jodhpur. The magnificent palace was constructed in 1944 and is taken into account to be one of the last great places to be built in India. You can still find a royalty who occupies a part of it. It has 347 rooms and is named one of the largest private residences in the world.

Visit Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

The Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park is an ecological restoration place that was converted to a park in the year 2006. Years of neglect caused the place to be overrun by a thorny shrub, turning it into a wasteland. Today there are 80 species of flowers growing within the park, and an ancient aqueduct called the gully now runs peacefully throughout the whole park.

Walk around Jaswant Thada

One of the best things to do in Jodhpur is to explore the historical relics and monuments here. And so, just a stone throw away from the Mehrangarh Fort, you will come across Jaswant Thada. Jaswant Thada is an ivory marble relic built at the turn of the twentieth century. It is a remarkable memorial commissioned by the royal family in commemoration of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II.

Street Food

The Jodhpur cuisine is rich with snacks and therefore the best way to enjoy it’s through street food. Top items to enjoy are Daal Baati Choorma, Mirchi vada, Samosa, Omelet, Masala Tea, Lassi and many more. If you are visiting the clock tower market, you need to stroll for a few street foods here. Some people club this activity by cycling or shopping. It is up to you to mix and match.

Visit beautiful Mandore Gardens

It is a city that will never fail to mesmerize the people visiting here with its beauty and majestic tourism sites. One of these is the Mandore Gardens which attracts tourists in large numbers every year. There are many artifacts and statues here present at the museum and a splendor architecture that you can explore.

A walking tour exploring the Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower also referred to as Ghanta Ghar, because the locals call it, is a famous landmark in Jodhpur’s old city. Walk around the Clock Tower area and nearby you will find the prismatic Sadar Bazar, where hole-in-the-wall shops sell handicrafts, curios, ethnic clothing, spices, saris, bangles, and nearly everything Rajasthani you’ll dream of. This is the place for shopaholics and also for those eager to absorb the true essence of Jodhpur city life.

Balsamand Lake

Head 5 kilometers out of Jodhpur city to seek out some peace on the shores of the Balsamand Lake. Situated near the Takhat Sagar hills, the lake is surrounded by papaya, guava, mango, and plum orchards. You can also visit the nearby Takhat Sagar Lake and visit the Siddhnath Shiv Temple. Definitely one of the best things to do in Jodhpur.

Toorji-Ka-Jhalara stepwell

Toorji-ka-jhalara is a stunning stepwell in the old part of Jodhpur adjacent to RAAS Jodhpur that makes for a photogenic spot, it is also one of the deepest step-wells. If you are an avid photographer, this is a must-see place in Jodhpur.

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Desert Safari at Osiyan

Jodhpur’s nearest desert getaway is Osiyan. Located 65 km away, this desert city offers an incredible desert safari experience into its remote villages and across its beautiful sand dunes. Its 9th-century temple is additionally quite a sight and it towers over the place when you look at it from the desert. A lot of folks like to go on a camel safari and stay overnight inside the desert in the rustic desert camps.

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