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Quezon City

Among the largest Philippines cities, Quezon City is an absolute treat to explore. Often referred to simply as QC, this remarkable place is home to delightful attractions for all types of travelers. Our Quezon City travel guide will enable first-time travelers to this awesome Philippine city to enjoy a hassle-free trip. You will be guided across top places to visit, things to do, dishes to eat, and the best time to visit Quezon City among other things. So, sit back and check out all the essential information listed in our Quezon City travel guide to help you enjoy an awesome first trip to this glorious Philippine city!

Best Time to Visit Quezon City:

Quezon City as capital of the Philippines was awesome back then and is equally awesome today as well! The climate in Quezon City is tropical and, hence, it is not advisable to visit during the rainy season. The best time to visit Quezon City on either economy or business class flights is during the dry season. More specifically, winter months of November to April are the ideal time for a visit as per our Quezon City travel guide. December is the cheapest month to visit. You can also visit during the summer but be mindful that the heat may be too much to bear.

How to Reach Quezon City:

This is an important aspect of Quezon City travel guide, especially for foreign tourists visiting the region for the first time. There are no airports in Quezon City. Thereby, international travelers can book cheap flights to Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) and arrive there first. From Manila Airport, you will find several ways to reach Quezon City. For instance, you can hire a taxi, take the bus, ride the subway, or even hail a jeepney to get to Quezon City.

Where to Stay in Quezon City:

Our essential Quezon City travel guide lists plenty of places to stay during your trip. Backpackers and solo corporate travelers will find ACL Suites as the ideal accommodation option. Strategically located, these are cozy ‘apartelle’ units offering a comfortable stay. Families and other large groups of tourists can also stay here. Other accommodation options listed in our Quezon City travel guide include Dangay Suites, Stonehouse Hotel, Casa Pura, Imperial Palace Suites Quezon City, and Danarra Hotel among others.

How to Get Around in Quezon City:

The Quezon City province is quite vast to explore. While there are many ways to travel across Quezon City province, there are certain Quezon City places that are accessible by particular types of transportation. For instance, while most destinations are covered by jeepneys, public buses cannot reach interior places. However, places with narrow lanes are plied with bicycles that have been fitted with sidecars. Metered taxis are another great option. If you wish to avoid traffic, you can choose the metro trains, provided they are plying the route you wish to travel.

Top Quezon City Places to Visit:

Now that our Quezon City travel guide has helped you through significant things like how to reach and the best time to visit, let’s take a look at the top Quezon City places to visit. Instead of making a hurried trip to Quezon City on last minute flights, plan a longer trip and enjoy exploring as many of the top Quezon City attractions as you can. Take a quick peek at the below-listed top places to visit in Quezon City during your trip!

  1. Eastwood City

Offering all possible attractions in one spot, Eastwood City is among the top places to visit in Quezon City. There are fun hangout spots, hip eateries, awesome shopping ops, chic nightspots, and more in Eastwood City. Bustling with activity in the morning, the area is filled with locals and tourists alike at night as well.

  1. Maginhawa Food Park

Are you a foodie? Then our Quezon City travel guide lists this as the top place or you to visit! As the name suggests, the place is literally a food park replete with food courts serving local and international cuisines. There is a common seating area right in the middle of the park where you can sit with loved ones and enjoy a hearty meal.

  1. Art In Island

Reportedly the first ever selfie museum in the world, Art In Island is a spectacular place for art lovers to visit. The famous museum houses scores of illusionary 3D murals, paintings, and other artworks that you can take pictures with. Our Quezon City travel guide lists this as the best place to visit for couples, friends, and families alike.

  1. La Mesa Eco Park

Adventure enthusiasts checking our Quezon City travel guide will be glad to know this is the best of all Quezon City places to visit. Blessed with impeccable natural beauty, La Mesa Eco Park offers endless adventurous opportunities such as zip lining, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, fishing, horseback riding, and more.

  1. SM Megamall

Do you love to shop? Then this is among the top places to visit in Quezon City for you! SM Megamall is the best place to find countless high-end boutiques, designer stores, and cheap shopping stores all in one place! Grab great bargains and get your hands on some stunning souvenirs and gifts during your trip!

  1. Quezon City Memorial Circle

A must-visit, this is among the top historical places in Quezon City travel guide listed especially for history buffs. While the monument itself is awesome, you can also enjoy adventure sports like zip lining and hiking nearby. Visit and know more about Quezon City culture, history, and traditions!

  1. San Pedro Bautista

Any Quezon City travel guide will tell you that this is among the oldest and most revered churches in the Philippines that houses the remains of the patron saint. Also, the basement has a catacomb where revered friars of the past have been laid to rest. It’s among the top Quezon City places for devout Roman Catholics to visit.

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