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How To Prepare For Board Exam

Board Exam are treated as biggest exam of student’s life. Countless Topics of different subject to learn, one after the other. Definitely it is not an easy task but proper time management techniques and learning aids can make it easy.

Not every student takes pressure as motivation to study more hard and score well in exams. Some get demoralized because of it.

If you are one of the following:-

  • A student appearing or will be appearing for board exam.
  • Parents or Guardian of student preparing for board exam

Please Go through the article and organize schedule accordingly


Many of us have, at least once in life, postponed work / Preparation to tomorrow. Setting mind that preparation should be started from NOW is the very first thing that is to be done. Time is a precious thing that we get for free but can never be recalled once gone. To achieve Aim of life, one has to start immediately. Human mind plays a major role in attaining greater height in life.


Don’t start without a Pre planned Schedule of subjects. Schedule must cover each and every Subject. Not just Subject each Topic should get a Time Span in your Study Plan, so that you don’t miss any topic for exam.

Mark Session with TICK, REVISION NEEDED, CROSS etc . So that you are clear with what is to be done and what is left to revise. A Five minute break every hour will help student to regain energy and concentrate back on topics.

First Read-Go Through

The very first reading should be a go through of all the topics. Do toppers understand everything in first read? Answer is NO. It is very difficult for anyone to understand the concept in first read. So No need to pressurize your mind just cover up all the topics in a flow to understand relativity, session division concept of complete Syllabus. This means each topic gets Turn at Least Twice while preparing.
Study Plan and Time Schedule must be Prepared Accordingly.   

Understanding Better than Cramming

Undoubtedly Understanding a concept is the best way to learn it. So all students must concentrate more on understanding things and then move to further concepts. For Subjects that seems difficult to student he/she must take help of Parents/Siblings if one needs help. Understanding of one lesson will facilitate him/her to understand next lesson and so on. Group Discussion /Debates are helpful in achieving this method to larger extends.

Avoid monotonous study

Mixing up different subjects at a time is always helpful. So you must Schedule Subjects with one subject at a time but avoid continuous Sessions of same subject. Time Division is going to plan a vital role in your learning sessions. Choosing a different subject, every 6 hours, will never let you get bored.

Take help of E-Learning

In this Era of Computers and Information Technology you must take advantage of e-content. Watching an educational video leaves greater impact on students mind than just reading books. Many Private/Govt. Websites provide free as well as Paid Content and material related to each and every Level/Grade of School. Educational Applications for Android phones are the latest trends that can be installed on students Phone. You must avail all the opportunities available in the market and Parents must ensure that their kids spend much of their time on such websites when using computer.

Solve Previous Papers

Self assessment can be done by solving previous years Exam papers or sample papers. This must be done with same time constraints as that of final exams. Students will understand more about what he/she has understood and which topics need more revision.

Things to Do On the Day of Board Exams

  • A Single Quick read of all the topics, that were learnt previous days, on the day of exam is recommended.
  • Parents should accompany students to exam center and ensure that they reach one hour before time and with hall ticket, pen /pencil etc.
  • Avoid Heavy Breakfast/lunch just before exam.
  • Don’t study in last one hour before exam. This time is for student to relax.
  • Finally, be confident and tell yourself that you will achieve whatever you want. A full determination will help you emerge as a winner of examination.

Good luck!

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