Artificial Moon

China ready to Launch “artificial Moon” satellite

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Artificial Moon 

China is going to have its own man made moon . Yes , this is true ,China is ready to launch to Man Made Moon in space very soon.

Just when other Countries are busy in developing nuclear weapons, China has shocked the world with plans of launching an “artificial Moon” satellite. China, the home land of latest Inventions and Innovations, announced a national mass innovation and entrepreneurship event in Chengdu, southwest province of china.


The Project officials revealed that this “artificial moon” Satellite  would be eight times bright as Earths Natural satellite . This will help to reduce electricity consumption   of  street lights of city Chengdu and nearby places. It is estimated, that approximately 173 million dollars per year will be saved with this project. The Project is a work of Years and project will be ready  to be launched in 2020. Currently it is in testing phase to ensure positive outcomes.

In case of Natural disasters, Tsunami & earthquakes , generally power failure causes blackout of respective places. Same is not the case with this “Artificial Moon” as it will continue to illuminate light even in these worse situations.


It will be coated with a reflective material and details are not out yet. This will  divert light from sun to earth ,place over which it will be launched. This Man made “Artificial Moon” Satellite will be placed at closer distance than original Natural satellites. The distance of man made Moon “Artificial Moon “ satellite is expected to be near about 500 km approx.


Wu Chunfeng, the chairman of the private space contractor Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Co (Casc) revealed plans to launch an illumination satellite referred to as an ‘artificial moon’ by saying that it will not only cut costs on streetlights but also boost local tourism.

Light intensity received from it is still unknown. It is estimated that it would be fifth of the conventional street lights currently used. “The satellites’ brightness and service time are both adjustable, and the accuracy of the lighting can be controlled within tens of meters,” Wu Chunfeng said.

While the Project seems to be interesting it  has given rise to many other questions  related to working, launching and negative effects of light received from this satellite. Chinese social media platform are buzzed with such questions from supporters as well as  criticizers of the project.


The Project is said to have been inspired by the concept of “a French artist, who imagined hanging a necklace made of mirrors above the Earth which could reflect sunshine through the streets of Paris all year round”, and follows Russia’s Znamya project  carried out in the 1990’s but later abandoned.

Finally ,Thanks to advancement in technology that more such projects will be launched by 2025. It is not far when every country will join the race. Soon More countries would come up to launch their own satellites with similar or advanced features.

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