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Animal testing should be banned or Not?

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Animal testing should be banned or Not?


Did you think how many animals die from animal testing? Medical Science is advancing day by day. It is proving boon for human being who are suffering with various diseases. However before trying various drugs or medicines on human body, many experiments are done on animals, which is not good for them. This is clear evidence of human being selfish nature whereas we don’t have any other option instead of this.

Why Only Animals

From centuries, human has performed many experiments on various species of animals such as rat, monkey, sheep etc. All these experiments are done on them as these animals are of similar genetic makeup as that of human being. So it makes possible for a research to be effective on human body later with the sacrifice of few animal lives. It enables scientist to cure and treat many diseases and save lives of millions of people.

Its Natures rule that strongest rule over weaker section of society. Just because animals will not speak of this injustice done to them, human being is repeating it every day. Not forgetting that many disease are acquired to humans from animals for instance HIV AIDS, Ebola virus etc. Animal testing is not only done for the betterment of human being but also it helps to save many animal lives also. So we can say animal testing is useful and good if done under the rules and regulations of the law. But if the same is done for leisure, hunting or any other selfish activities than it is not a good practice and government should ban it strictly.


To conclude, we cannot imagine research without animal testing and we can say that animals are true friends from all aspects of life. They even sacrifice their lives for betterment of the human beings. We can never thank them for this deed. All we can do is treat them in the best way we can. It’s our Responsibility to Save Animals on this Planet. “Save Animals Save World”

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