Television and Media Promoting Crime and Violence

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Television and Media Promoting Crime and Violence

Is  really television and media the main cause of crime and violence of society ? The statement is not correct completely as mass media is playing a vital role in the society.

The popularity of this enables people to know what’s happening around the world. It is a big source of entertainment, information, education and communication. However nowadays media deviated from its real work and mostly shows Anti Social activities which in return contributes more for spreading knowledge of crime and violence in society.


Television has become the inseparable part of human life as it is mitigating the gap between different countries. TV makes it possible to be attentive about what happening in the globe. Television plays prominent role in everyone’s life. As people can gain knowledge and broader their horizon as it provides the national as well as International live news. 

Media tends to telecast most of the programs that are supposed to be liked quickly by the people and will benefit the company with maximum TRP. Each and every television channel telecast one or more programs related to crime and violence for sure.  Viewers are more enthusiastic to watch different methods that criminals follow. Teenagers learn these methods easily. This young blood inclines towards how to do a crime and hide the evidences left behind. They just forget about the consequences which can occur when they follow such things.

Moreover not just helping the Criminal Minds.  It also creates a Fear Factor of crime and violence in the minds of common people. Obviously  people will  start feeling insecure while passing by the streets or resting at homes. Everyone walks with a spark of doubt on people around him/her. It leads to unpleasant atmosphere all over the world.

Action Needed

The television channels not only telecast such programs but the news reporters also harass the victim with unbearable questions. The time has come when the Censor Board should take a strict action against these flurry channels. New laws should be made in order to impose penalty on these channels based on the content they telecast. Moreover the News reporters or correspondents can be given proper training about their job roles and duties toward nation.

Media is the greatest pillar for developing a great Nation so it should work liberally under certain constraints and only for the benefit of citizens and nation.

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