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Why it is Important to learn a Foreign Language?

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Why it is Important to  learn a Foreign Language?

An increasing number of people decide to learn a foreign language. What is the most difficult part when learning a foreign language? How can the learner overcome the difficulties?

Few years back, it was enough for people to know their native language but in this era of globalization it is mandatory to be bilingual or multilingual.  Awareness about any overseas language maybe a piece of cake for someone but for others there are many difficulties. Let’s talk about difficulties of learning a foreign language and some methods to solve the difficulties.


  1. As far as problem are concerned,  first and foremost challenge is the phonological difference because every language has many sounds and no two languages use exactly same set.  For instance Hindi language use vowels and consonants twice as compared to English.
  2. Another unavoidable problem is vocabulary and grammar problems. To learn new language structure it may be a daunting task for few people.  Variations exist in each and every language structure as some language has grammar order of the form subject-object-verb while some follow subject-verb-object grammatical order.   Thus, a person may find difficult to obey the grammar rules and sentence structure.
  3. other obstacle is ,  while learning any new language, learner needs one or more partners with whom he or she can communicate in that language to practice.


Here are some of the possible solution to the problems we have  discussed above:-

  1. One can join a language course if available in the closeness of hometown.
  2. There are many online tutorials available to teach foreign language
  3. Practice makes a man perfect so if one is determined and do practice regularly by using new language words then hurdles can be reduced.
  4. Watching videos or movies with subtitles can also be helpful  in learning foreign language along with the entertainer.
  5. Story books with photograph the best way to learn a language


No doubt language learning is not everyone’s cup of tea. while willingness and need  are the motivational factors to learn any overseas language.

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